Making a Living

Current Status (February 8, 2001):  I am currently looking for a software engineering job in the Sydney area.  For more information, please read my current cover letter and CV (both listed below).

I have worked as a professional software developer since April 1989.  For the first four and a half years I worked in FORTRAN and C, targeting Unix platforms.  In October 1993, I switched to Windows programming and developed Windows applications using C++ (MFC and OWL) and Delphi.  But, for several years now my main focus has been Java development.

To augment my vocational experience, in August 1998 I returned to university and studied computer science for two years, completing my Masters in July 2000.

Here is further information related to my career…

        My current cover letter

        My current CV

        Several applets I have created…

o       Blender applet used on my Notes from Australia page

o       Other applets displayed in my Java Gallery

        A longer description of the jobs I’ve had

And, last but definitely not least, here’s a description of the most memorable job I’ve ever had!