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***Please Note***
This is the current site for suntray, all future updates will appear on this site. I no longer
have access to the site appearing here. Also please note the change of email address

  SunTray is just a little app that minimizes the Mozilla Sunbird, and Mozilla Calendar programs to tray.
I feel this is essential if I am to have the program running constantly to make use of the alarms feature.

Also same functionality provided for Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Media Player 10 in "Other" section

Latest = SunTray 1.0 - 30/1/2006
Credit to Mark Carson for the icons.

NEWS: Suntray has died. It will no longer be maintained (It hasn't been maintained for some time now). I actually no longer have the source (Silly story). I apologise. Please refer to the minimise to tray extension for all future minimising to tray!

If you like the old icons better - Jakamoko

  It works with :

Mozilla Sunbird - The standalone version of the calendar program
FireFox Calendar - The firefox addon version of the calendar
Thunderbird Calendar - The thunderbird addon version of the calendar
Mozilla Calendar - The version for the Mozilla package.

If you like the program, tell me, I appreciate it.

MozillaZine Thread here

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Special Notes
Like all brilliant software, this program may contain bugs
**If using with Mozilla Suite, using quick launch can stuff things up if using "Start" option on boot.**

I used the source of ThunderCalTray as a guide when I originally started this program.
The SystemTraySDK by Chris Maunder
The Sunbird Icons, by Mark Carson , included in 0.7
A nice set of Custom Icons by Jakamoko, included in 0.6.


~30/1/2006 - Release 1.0

Meant to work with the latest versions of calendar and sunbird. No promises. I recommend the minimize to tray extension.

~8/1/2005 -Release 0.9
Just some bug fixing. Was a problem with extension version of calendar.

~22/9/2004 - Release 0.8
Added new feature, "warn", will warn you if you close sunbird/calendar. Also updated the icons provided by Mark Carson.

~29/8/2004 - Release 0.7
Just a few things changed, and the icons, by Mark Carson, used with his permission.

~8/8/2004 - Release 0.6 
Believe to have fixed the problem of slow start times when using "Start" option. Added support for the new executable filename.

~23/7/2004 - Added single click option "Single", and "noMin". Added to 0.5

~18/7/2004 - Added Sunbird only version, may be slightly faster.

~17/7/2004 - Release 0.5
Ok Actually spent more time on it today then I thought I would. Completed the customize icon option. This should make a couple of people happy. Must be pretty well complete.

~17/7/2004 - Release 0.45
Fixed the folder bug, I believe. Changed a lot of internal behaviour, created a lot of bugs, and hopefully fixed them. Capitalisation of command line options should not matter, but spelling still important :). Customizing Icons coming soon.

~15/7/2004 - Release 0.4
Nothing real new, just changed behaviour and fixed some bugs that were pointed out by oddman on mozillaZine. It is now not possible to start up 2 copies of suntray, and if Calendar is already running when you start suntray, using the "Start" option will not try to start up another copy of Calendar. Also made it so that show/hide when calendar is not running opens calendar in a normal window, previous version was hiding it. "Start" still hides it when first run.
Added - The second time you open suntray, it causes the currently open copy to show/hide. Nifty.
**Known Issue - The Folder Bug, having the SunBird installation folder open may cause SunTray to interact with the folder, instead of with Sunbird, ewww.

~14/7/2004 - Release 0.3
Added another command-line option "Exit", causes the calendar to close if suntray is closed. Also changed the way a lot of things were done internally.

~13/7/2004 - Release 0.2
Add ability to recieve command-line parameter "-Start", which will cause it to start the calendar on startup, and hide it. Ideal for use on windows startup.
Yet to recieve any feedback :(      Ah well, at least I find it useful.

~1/7/2004 - Release 0.1
Completed Initial program with ability to show/hide calendar, and also start calendar if not already running, supported all variations of calendar.