880 Gamer is free for all to enjoy. It is written by an old Amiga fan for Amiga fans and I hope all who read it get some enjoyment out of it.

That said, each issue takes a good amount of my time to complete, and a number of you have asked if 880 Gamer is a paid publication or sold, and the answer is no, there is nothing in this for me but the love of doing it. This brings me to coffee. I love coffee as well! If you really enjoy 880 Gamer and want to say thanks, then you can use the Paypal button here and buy me a coffee. If you feel generous, maybe buy me a beer? =P

Please remember this is just for what I have published so far. This is not a kickstarter, not a fund raiser, and will not speed up each issue. I am not asking you to give me anything, but if you want to shout me a coffee I will not turn down the offer. That, and it will probably get the wife off my back spending so much time on this and not getting anything out of it.

Yours kindly,
Mark Stanner – Creator of 880 Gamer