IMG_0906a“23 Rounds, 18 grounds, 18 Teams, over 150 Punters and 198 matches – who will win the ISTS Footy Pools for 2019?

Welcome to the

ISTS AFL Footy Pools for 2019.

You have been sent this message because you participated last year, expressed interest in participating this year or someone dobbed you in as a potential punter. The author is Rocky Stone, host of the Footy Competition - just in case you are wondering.  I have help with this enterprise from Brett Heritage.


Basically, the ISTS AFL Footy Pools costs $23 up front ($1 per minor round) and an optional extra $4 for the sudden death finals series. There is a prize for each round and end of year prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a wild card position. Most people win some money. Some win quite a lot but it is mostly a bit of fun. Payment must be received prior to Friday 15th March, 2019 to enable all punters to have time to get their tips in.   You will not be put on the mailing list until you have paid up in full.

This year, we continue with the optional finals component for an extra $4 and there are minor placings as well.

If you know of other people who may be interested in participating, please forward this email to them.

We use the on-line web site for registration, tips entry and results thanks to the great work by a “Uni” mate of mine – Pete Kiley.   

You need to use the bank transfer option by following the procedures outlined below.   

Follow these steps to register and pay for the ISTS Footy Pools 2019....


If you are new to the competition, follow all the steps below.  If you had an account last year, connect to  click on the “Login” link in the left panel and proceed from step 4.


1.    Connect to the signup page on the new web site and register here using your email address.  Location should be your City so we can set the time zone.  Click New user when all information entered.

2.    Check your email using the address you registered with and note your password.

3.    Log in to the using the Login link in the left panel.   Once logged in, it you want to change your password, click on your email address in the left navigation pane, then click Settings, then Change account details / password.  You can then change your password to something you will remember.

4.    At this point, you can make your payment via bank transfer.  You must have registered on-line first. 


5.    Log in to your own Bank’s Web site and set up a new payee (or use same information as last year) in your on-line banking system with the following details:


BSB: 105056

Account: 235328540

Name:  Stephen Stone


Send the amount using PayPal to

6.    Now start a transfer to the payee defined above with the following details:


Amount: $23.00 (if you are only in the minor round) or $27.00 if you want to participate in the finals as well.

Reference: Pools Inits Surname


For example, an amount of $27.00 with a Reference of “Pools J Bloggs” would transfer money for J Bloggs to participate in the minor round competition and the finals.


Record the receipt number provided by the banking system for this transfer, for use in the web site below.


Note that putting your Initial and surname in the reference is extremely important so we can identify who paid.  We don’t get to see the receipt number in the transaction from our side.


If you have a balance left over from last year, sill choose $23 or $27 but only transfer enough to make that balance add up to your choice.  I will check if there is a previous year’s balance if a different amount is transferred,


7.    As soon as you have confirmed the transfer, logon to and the first paragraph at the top will have a statement like “Provide your payment details here“. Click on the link and enter your payment receipt (or PayPal name).  Choose the amount transferred ($23 or $27) and click on “Record payment receipt”.


8.    When your payment has been received, your status will become active and you can start tipping for round one or any other round during the season.


The email address this year is ISTSAFLPOOLS@Unisa.Edu.Au


We will send some reminders and the weekly results out from this address but we will not be accepting tips via email this year.  Tipping needs to be done via the web site.  The voice mail option on 8302 5333 is still be available, though.


Stephen (Rocky) Stone

"ISTS AFL Footy Pools"


The official 2019 rules follow:




ISTS AFL Footy Pools Tipping Competition for 2019


1.   Overview

The name is the ISTS AFL Pools Tipping Competition for 2019, which is normally referred to as ISTS AFL Pools.

The ISTS AFL Pools Tipping Competition is managed by the following management committee:


Stephen (Rocky) Stone

8302 3242


Brett Heritage


8302 5098


2.   Rules

Any decision / interpretation of the rules of the competition and the resolution and interpretation of any dispute by the management committee is final and no further debate or correspondence will be entered into.

Receipt of monies to compete in the competition implies a willingness by the competitor to abide by the rules of the competition and the management committee's interpretation of those rules.

Changes to the rules may be made during a season provided such a change is put to a vote of all competitors. The change will be deemed to be put into effect if more than 50% of competitors who vote, choose to vote for the change. At least 50% of all competitors must participate in the ballet for a change to be carried. Voting will be voluntary. Proposals for change must be made through the management committee.


3.   Competition


3.1 Minor Round Competition

The 2019 Minor Round Tipping Competition is conducted over the 23 minor round games that make up the 2019 AFL Minor Round Season. The cost of entry is $1 per week, that is $23 for the full season. All participants must pay the full $23 for the entire season prior to selecting their tips for any round.  The preferred payment method is via bank transfer. Paypal may also be used.   Cheques will not be accepted.


3.2 Optional Finals Competition

An optional Finals Round competition is also conducted.  There are 4 weeks of finals including the Grand Final.  All punters who choose to compete in the Finals part of the competition must pay the $4 extra fee at the same time as their $23 Minor round fee.  Punters may only compete in the Finals round if they compete in the Minor round. 


The rules for the Finals round are set out in section 9.


4.   Web Site

All participants can enter their tips using the web site  This web site will also host the tipping entry coupons for each week. A sample of the tipping coupon can be found in appendix one.  You can tip many rounds ahead if you know you will not be able to connect via a web browser for a period of time.   A voice mail option on +61 8 83025333 is available for competitors who are not able to submit their tips via the web site.


5.   Submission of Tips

The weekly Footy Pools Tips must be submitted in one of the following formats:

Web Site at

Voice Mail on (08) 0302 5333
(Keep this number handy in case you are unable to use the web site)


All tips must be submitted prior to the beginning of the first match of the round even for split rounds.  These times are programmed into the web site and it will not be possible to enter or change tips for the current round after the first match has commenced. Competitors whose tips are not submitted before the official closing time will be credited with the minimum score obtained by a paying competitor for that round.

If multiple tips are submitted by the same competitor (web site and voice mail), the voice mail tips will be used provided they are submitted on time.


Email is no longer an option for submitting tips.


6.   Valid Tips

A competitor must make a selection for each of the games to be played each week by forecasting the winning team or a draw.  No more than 2 draws may be selected in any one round.  This competition does not require the selection of a winning margin for any minor round matches.


7.   Scoring

Competitors whose tips are not received before the official closing time will be credited with the minimum score obtained from the competitors who did submit tips for that round.


Each correct team code selected will attract a score of 1 point. Selecting no team or choosing the losing team will attract a score of 0 for that game.


A punter who is brave enough to select a draw for a minor round match which ultimately ends up being a draw, will receive a bonus of 5 points instead of the single point for a correct pick.


8.    Disbursement of Fees

The fees will be disbursed as follows:


Minor Round Competition ($23 fee from each punter)


Split into 23 equal dividends (one for each round) which in turn will be distributed evenly amongst the winners for each round


Donation to Australian Breast Cancer Research


End of Minor Round prize money for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and "wild card" 28th last. 


Finals Round Competition - optional  ($4 fee from each punter)


Winner as determined by the rules in section 9


Second Place


Third Place


Fourth Place


Fifth Place


8.1   Weekly Minor Round Winnings

70% of the fees secured for the week's selection will be awarded to the winners, the competitors who score the highest for that round. If multiple competitors have an equal top score for a particular round the amount will be split equally amongst them.

Weekly prizes will be held until the end of the minor round series and paid out at the same time the season's prize is awarded.


8.2   5% of fees to Australian Breast Cancer Research

The ISTS AFL Pools grew out of a series of "Gourmet Sausage Sizzles" organised by Bob Ellis at "The Levels" in the mid 1990's.  This 5% had traditionally gone to the Salvation Army.  In memory of the passing of Corinne Stone, the donation will be made to Australian Breast Cancer Research.


8.3   End-of-year Winnings

23% of the fees not distributed in the weekly prize pool will be awarded to the top 3 competitors who have the highest total score at the end of the minor round. Three prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The 23% end-of-year prize money to be divided into

1st - 12% worth

2nd - 7% worth

3rd - 4% worth

All percentages are of the total competitor investment for the year in the minor round.


In addition, a special prize wild card prize totalling 2% of the fees will be awarded to the competitor who finishes 28th from the bottom after the minor round (round 23).   There will only be one person in the 28th last position.  The significance of the 28 is that the University is 28 years old in 2019.


1st, 2nd & 3rd will be decided depending on one of the following scenarios:


8.3.1   Where three or more people have the same highest score at the end of the minor round, the total prize pool (23%) is divided equally amongst them.


8.3.2   Where two people have the same highest score at the end of the minor round, the prizes for first and second are added together (19%) and shared equally by the two. The third prize (4%) is shared by the people on the next highest score.


8.3.3   One person on highest score - 12%. Two or more people on second highest score. The 2nd and third prize are totalled together (11%) and shared equally by the number of people on the second highest score.


8.3.4   One person on highest score. One person on second highest score. One or more people on the third highest score. The people on the third highest score share equally the third prize of 4%.


Therefore, the number of people to share the prize pool is determined by a count from the top. The division of the money is then calculated as above.


9.    Finals Competition

There will be an optional Finals Competition during the 4 rounds of the Finals Series.  Competitors for the Finals competition must pay their $4 fee at the same time as their $23 minor round fee.


Finals coupons will be submitted in the same way as Minor round coupons.  The number of matches will vary from 4 the first week, 2 the second, 2 the third and one Grand Final in the last week.


Each competitor will choose their pick for each final match for the week-end.  It is sudden death meaning that if a competitor gets the result of any one match wrong, that person is "knocked out" of the race for the Finals prize money.


If at any stage prior to the Grand Final, all of the competitors are "out", then all competitors are allowed back for the following week-end and the knock-out situation starts again. 


Competitors who are knocked out may select results but they will not be counted or processed.


For the Grand Final only, those competitors who have not been knocked out, must choose a winning team and a winning margin in points.  A draw will be represented by a zero-point winning margin (either team may be selected).  Form 2018, a draw is not possible as extra time is played.


There will be up to 5 placed winners of the Finals Series.   In the event of more than one competitor choosing the same winning team and the same winning margin to the actual result of the Grand Final, the placing will be determined based on the highest finisher(s) in the Minor round competition.  In the event that no-one in the Grand Final chooses the correct winning team, the winner will be the competitor who chooses the closest winning margin with a tie being broken by choosing the highest finisher in the minor round.  Second to fifth places will be determined in a similar manner with the minor round position breaking ties.  In the event that there are fewer than 5 punters left to pick for the Grand Final, the prize money will be distributed according to the punters “ladder” which shows knocked out punters ranked by their minor round placing.


10.    Payment of Winning Monies after Finals

All payments will be rounded down to the nearest 5 cents. This will help cover any banking charges. There will normally be a two week delay after the Grand Final, while the money is assembled into the appropriate amounts for each competitor.

The Management Committee reserves the right to commit up to $20 of the first prize money for the end of year winner - to a trophy. The first prize payout will thus not be reduced by any more than the price of the trophy. Such a trophy may be presented at a suitable function, subject to the discretion of the Management Committee.


Please note:  Punters must take responsibility to follow up their payments after it is announced that they are available.  Payments not made to punters by the end of the calendar year of that competition will not necessarily be carried over to the following year and may be donated as per clause 8.2.


11.   Results

The weekly results and progress scores will be emailed to all competitors sometime after the conclusion of the round.


12.   AFL Round 1

If you wish to compete in round 1, you must arrange to pay your money using the Bank Transfer (preferred.  Payment must be received before Friday 15th March 2019.  Prospective punters must be registered and paid up well before the first match.

A sample coupon is attached to this message for round 1, but a shorter coupon message will be sent as a reminder in the week prior to round 1.


13.   Force-majeure

In the event of a major disruptive situation occurring which is not provided for in rules 1-14, for example:

·         An entire AFL team being unable to compete in a round of the AFL Season because of the death of all players,

·         Entries being lodged properly but not received because of the ISTSAFLPools mail address not being functional,

·         Loss of the web site due to unforeseen circumstances,

·         Millenium bug strikes again,

the management committee will attempt to implement a fair variation of the rules, or failing that will move all funds received for that round into the end of season prize pool.


Appendix 1.

Sample tip selection screen for round 1 of a  Season:


Appendix 2.

Team codes used in Results and Ladders screens on web site and in email results.




















Gold Coast Suns


Greater Western Sydney






North Melbourne


Port Adelaide




Saint Kilda




Western Bulldogs


West Coast Eagles


Drawn Game (no more than 2 per round)