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This program allows you to select a folder that contains 7-Zip archives. It then goes through each one, performs optional filters to skip unwanted things such as bad dumps, allows the user to choose which files to use, extracts the chosen files, and optionally re-archives each one using either ZIP or JMA. This program makes it very convenient to convert a large amount of GoodMerged 7-Zip archives into formats that emulators can read.

Features and reasons to use: Requirements: Usage tips: Please take a look at the following screenshots to get an idea of what the program is capable of and how it works:
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As you can see in the first screenshot, it filters down the original list of 277 files from Super Mario World.7z to a mere 14 files. The hacked dumps are present because they are the only variants available. (For all the program knows, "Super Mario World Coning Edition" could have been a re-release of Super Mario World.) As the third screenshot shows, there is an option to remove all hacked dumps, which would result in Super Mario World being filtered down from 277 files to just 1, but this is disabled by default because there's an extremely small chance that a hacked dump of a game may be the only version available.

I'm happy with this program, and have added all the useful filtering options I could think of. It is very fast at going through a large amount of archives with the default settings (which are what most English speakers would prefer), and filters out just about everything that is unwanted.

I've added a "show all items" button for users who are worried about what was filtered out. If you don't trust the filters, just try going through a few archives and then have a look at the batch file to see if it chose what you wanted. If there are any problems regarding the filtering, I would like to know.

I'd appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions.