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Introduction to C with the AT90s2313


This page is meant to provide a few examples to let the absolute beginner get started with coding using GCC with the Atmel AT90s2313 microcontroller. I have found a few pitfalls and issues with making other available code work on the AT90s2313 so I thought I'd create this document to help others. I am not a guru programmer or even close so this code might not be best practice, or perfect. If you can improve it please contact me via pm.

I will be adding new examples all the time so check back frequently. Also if you would like to request an example of something you would think would go well here please pm or post a request in the forum.

To start out you will need to Download the AVRFreaks pre-configured version of WINAVR and set it up on your PC. If you have troubles either post on the forums here and I can help you or post on the much larger site where lots of people can help.

I will be using programmer's notepad that comes in the AVRFreaks version on WINAVR and will provide compilable project files with each example

Note these examples are MEANT to be VERY basic.

Getting started

Notes about makefiles

Making a pin go low

Making a pin go high 

Reading in a pin **

Writing characters to UART serial

Reading from a DS1631 Temp sensor

** - Not yet up

Useful links

The AT90s2313 datasheet

Download the AVRFreaks pre-configured version of WINAVR

The Official GNU Make manual