Simple program to read and write 24LC256 or similar eeproms.

This program is really really simple. It just uses the functions setup in the Procyon AVRLib to read and write data to a eeprom over the TWI (I2C) bus.


The program is enitrely trivial but shows how easy it can be.


To use it, download the files: 24lc files

Then double click the ".aps" file and it should open for you in AVRStudio 4.12. You will probably need to change the location of the "includes". To do this, go Project > Configuration Options > Include Directories> Add... and the add the loction of AVRLib on you harddrive.

You'll also need to change the location of the .c files associated with AVRLib. Just manually add in all the .c files of AVRLib that are being used to avoid compile time errors.

includes screenshot