Using an AVR to output information to a TV or VGA screen



Board design still being developed.

Ibragimov Maxim Rafikovich created a project to generate TV (PAL) and VGA signals using an AVR microcontroller.

He posted this project  at called "Simple VGA/Video terminal" (direct link if you are already logged in at AvrFreaks )

I am in the process of designing a PCB (printed circuit board) based on this project.

The end result (so far) is this circuit that can be etched by people at home (like me)


You need to save this image and then print it out. The image is actually 2600x1553 pixels large but scaled down here to view it. It is also created at a resolution of about 23.6 pixels/mm so that it prints out the correct size. It is always a good idea to print a test page on normal, cheap paper before printing on the proper transfer page, just to make sure the size is correct and the printing process will be ok.

I have been designing them with Eagle (as can be seen in this photo) I will release the Eagle files eventually when I'm happy with them

VGA board held in front of the schematic on a monitor bohind it

If you have feedback please contact me via the forums or directly via email or skype

Here is another shot of the etched board. Of course, in this shot it still needs to be drilled and populated and lacquered etc. I've done this and will post more photos soon

board up close