Bones' Terminator style Robot (page 3)

updated 20/09/04  


Updated 7/12/04                                                        


This is a photo of Bone's new air muscle. Here is a thread that has some links for Air Muscles. The basic operation is that the central black area is a mesh of threads of metal or nylon etc and the inside that mesh is a bladder than receives air from the tube (seen top right). If air is forced into the internal bladder, then external mesh buldges at the middle causing the mesh to shorten in over all length. As the mesh is attached to the two metal end pieces, the two ends are brought together. This mimics the contracting motion of a real muscle.




air_muscle2 Aswell as producing a similar motion to real muscles, the reaction time is also much closer to real muscles than other forms of kinetics. The time taken to inflate the internal bladder determines the speed at which the muscle can act upon a load. Equally as important, air muscles can deflate extremely quickly and so can closely mimic real muscle.



This shot shows the preceise machining involved. Air muscles can be very strong (especially when compared to real muscles) but like a chain they are only as strong as the components that go to make them up. The strength of the connection between the end piece and the mesh is vital.