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An updated tutorial showing Blender 2.42 and Exporter 0.91 can be found here
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Blender and Torque

Basic DTS Export   (8:15 - 21.1 Megs)
DTS export
My first video tutorial. It goes through the process of exporting a very simple object from Blender to the Torque engine format, DTS.
Note: It only goes through the basics to export the geometry. Materials, collision data etc are covered in other tutorials.
Mirror 1 [Europe]    Mirror 2

Material Export   (9:16 - 26.4 Megs)
DTS Material Export icon My second tutorial builds on the first one to show how to export an object from Blender to the Torque DTS format, such that the texture will also be exported.

Mirror 1 [Europe]    Mirror 2
Collision Mesh Export    (12:53 - 28.4 Megs)
collision A basic tutorial showing the creation of a simple object and the required helper objects to export with a functional collision mesh. Then proceeds to show in-game how to place the object and how Torque automatically considers the collision mesh.

Mirror 1 [Europe]    Mirror 2

Axe Tutorial - Part One   (26:57 - 67.3 Megs)
Axe Tutorial part 1 This is the first tutorial in the Axe series.

This series of video tutorials goes through the steps needed to create, skin and export an Axe type weapon. This particular video shows the steps in making the geometry of the axe.

Mirror 1 [Europe]    Mirror 2
Axe Tutorial - Part Two   (9:44 - 23.1 Megs)
Axe Part 2 This is the second video and uses the opensource image progam "The GIMP" to create a basic texture to be applied in part three.

Mirror 1 [Europe]     Mirror 2
Axe Tutorial - Part Three   (23:35 - 45.9 Megs)
Axe tutorial 3 Here is the third tutorial in this series. This 24 minute video shows you how to take the texture made in part 2 and map it to the object made in part 1. Shows the basics of using LCSM mapping. 

Mirror 1 [Europe]     
Axe Tutorial - Part Four
axe part 4 Final part to the series showing the axe used in game.
Animated "Static" Shapes - Part One    (23:57 - 45.3 Megs)
animated shapes part 1 Part one of a series showing how to make DTS files that will move in game. Example is a "radar" antenna that rotates.

Includes the .blend file in the downloadable zip
Mirror 1 [Europe]      Mirror 2
Animated "Static" Shapes - Part Two
anim part 2 Part Two. Goes through adding a collision mesh, exporting the object. Then shows where to place the file so Torque can see it and then shows the creation of all the script needed to animate the shape in-game.

Includes .blend and script files
Mirror 1 [Europe]      Mirror 2
  3D Text in Blender - HOWTO (13:29 - 21 Megs)
anim part 2 Non-Torque Tutorial

Shows how to create 3D text that you can place in your scene

Mirror 1 [Europe] <www.rstralberg.com>

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