MOUSE ROBOT…….      (for beginner’s)

submitted by Mike (Squeeze)

Made this after read Gareth Branwyn’s book ABSOLUTE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING ROBOTS.

My first attempt at electronics’ …..the book was a great help in this area.

If you look at his web page you will notice that my mouse is back to front……I did it this way because I wanted the cord for a tail (visual only) and the left/right buttons

I used as the on/off switch…..the switch I used was from a brAun tooth brush I dropped about a year ago.


Also the motors I used were out of an old scalextrix’s racing car set I used to own…and the wheels


Here’s every thing inside the mouse.


It took me about 2 weeks to get all the parts because I had no idea about electronics and I didn’t want to order the parts from the USA .

I bought 2 of everything which was lucky because the first transistor I used didn’t work…..that’s the only problem I had on the breadboard.

It took about 6 hours to install in the mouse thanks to:


Glue gun

Solder iron

˝ bottle of scotch.


Works well …move’s toward light like a drunk driver then bumps it’s nose and reverse’s for about 1 sec.

It drain’s the battery real quick, I don’t think I’m getting good traction cos the tyre’s are so old and the cat hasn’t attacked it ….yet.

Kids and cat will give it a good workout tonight…..cheeers.


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