Chapter 24


Akane was trembling so violently by the time they got
to the street that only Ranma's arm around her waist kept her
on her feet.. He could feel the pulse in her wrist skipping
beats, it was going so fast and her skin was cold and clammy.

*Dammit, this is why girls ain't got no business with a
* You didn't see him going into shock every time he
hadda beat th' crud outta some idjit, didja?

Akane gave a kind of gasping half-sob and Ranma
turned her face toward him. *Crap!* Her lips were blue-grey
and her face was the colour of new-cream. She was in serious
trouble. No time for a taxi and she'd never make it on the
train. He had to get her warm and dry _now_!

The cinder block wasteland of downtown Tokyo was
lightened by a flash of colour a few blocks away and Ranma
could make out 'HOTEL' in flashing neon. Scooping Akane's
limp body into his arms he dashed toward a possible refuge.


Feeling like he'd wandered into another world Ranma
gawked at giant fairy-tale castles, replicas of the Taj Mahal,
two Statues of Liberty, a replica of the Imperial Palace in
miniature and a Giant Panda in top-hat-and-tails, with every
visible surface covered in neon and mirrors that turned the
street into a blaze of pink, green, purple and orange. Touts in
shark-skin suits stood on every corner extolling the virtues of
their particular 'Leisure Hotel'.

'DIXY INN: The Real American Experience', Ranma
read, puzzling out the mix of romanji and kanji 'Have a good
time from me.'

'Hotel Chezi Moi. Body Sonic in each bed for a
natural night.' The flourescent ocean-scape that rippled across
the giant-TV wall began to make him a little nauseous. Right
next door was 'Little Chapel Christmas'. He figured Akane
would like the free Santa Claus pajamas and stuffed elf with
glow-in-the-dark halo that came with each room. But the
robot Santa Claus playing "Don't Dream it, Be it!" gave him
the creeps and his eyes darted around looking for-----

'Hotel J-Girl' Tastefully covered with faux front of
wood and brick giving the rustic look of a mountain retreat,
assuming a mountain lodge would be outlined in flashing pink
and yellow neon, counterpointed with red and green airplane
strobe lights. That would have to do, and he darted into the
lobby with Akane flopping limply in his arms. Against one
wall of the lobby was a bank of pictures, some dark, most lit
up, indicating a free room.

_Mermaid Room_

Nostalgically, Ranma recalled teaching the breast
stroke to the French Ambassador's daughter. Now _there_
was someone who understood breath control. With a sigh he
rejected that choice. Being around a couple of thousand
gallons of _cold_ water in the in-room swimming pool didn't
seem like a good idea.

_First Place Indy Race_

Checkered-flag wall painting, formula-one bed -----
*Hey! Bumper Cars!* Ranma started to select that room, then
noticed a lighted picture two rows down, below the 'Big Bed'
and 'Vietnam' rooms, showing a large heated spa in a room
made of chrome, leather and mirrors. Looking longingly at the
bumper cars he selected the spa-room instead, punching the
'stay' button, rather then 'rest'. It was more expensive, but
Kuno was paying, he thought, walking to the bank of
elevators he could feel the fat bulge of the kendoists wallet in
his pocket. As the elevator took them up he wondered what
the romanji 'Stylish SM' meant.


"Quit fight'n me, ya stoopid-----" Ranma winced as
another flailing fist caught him on the shoulder. Twisting her
arm behind her back with one hand he managed to unfasten
the last button on Akane's blouse and pull it free, leaving her
clad in panties and bra. "If we don't get ya warmed up, you're
gonna go inta shock!" He stumbled, sliding on the water slick
floor as she shrugged him away. "BAKA! You could die."

"Let me die," Akane moaned," Wrapping her arms
around her stomach and rocking back and forth. "Just let

"Now, why do you want to say something stupid like
that?" Ranma asked in a soothing voice, changing his speech
to a smoother diction that invited confidences. With his thumb
and forefinger he moved the skin a round her ear-lobes in
small circular motions. Reacting to the stimulation of her
pressure points her racing pulse slowed and her blood-
pressure dropped. Suddenly sleepy she leaned back against
Ranma, who subtly changed his actions to another nerve

"Now, why do you want to die?"

"I hurt him," Tears streamed down her face, cutting a
path through a mask of grime. "I _wanted_ to hurt him, like
he hurt . . .like he hurt . . ." A sob choked her.

"Like he hurt Nabiki-san?" Ranma asked softly,
making small circles on her back with the heel of his hand.

Dumbly she nodded, not noticing when he undid the
clasp on her brassier and tossed it on the floor with the rest of
her clothes.

"Why does that make you feel bad?" He rested his
chin on her shoulder in a motion that looked romantic, but
whose purpose was to detect subtle variations in her Ki.

"It was _wrong_,' she wailed, broken hearted. "A
martial artist is supposed to p-p-protect."

"Well," Ranma remarked judiciously, "I think you got
that part down."

Akane twisted in his lap to look at him in disbelief.

"Well, Kuno . . .senpai isn't going to be causing any
trouble for a while," Ranma drawled, "and I'm pretty sure his
gang of samurai-wanna-bee's are going to be pissing
themselves wondering if the next time they try to push the
'New' Japan, the old one is going to turn around and bite
them on the behind." He grinned at her openmouthed look
and, taking advantage of her confusion, whipped her panties
down and off.

"Waaaaa," Akane squalled, hands flashing to cover
herself in the standard pose of a woman surprised. Before she
could recover and rip his head off, he'd lowered her into the
hot water and turned on the bubble-jets.

"Aaaaaaa," Akane hissed in pleasure as the hot water
closed around her. "So," she said after a moment, not able to
meet his eyes, "you . . .don't think I went too far?"

"Hmmmm . . .," Ranma propped his chin in his hands,
recalling the bleeding, sobbing, broken Kuno laying in his
own filth. "Nah. Kuno shouldn't have touched Nabiki in the
first place. And he shouldn't have just gone off and left her."
From the corner of his eye he watched some of the tenseness
leave her eyes and decided he was on the right track.

"But I _enjoyed_ it," Akane protested, wanting
assurance she wasn't a monster. "I went after him and-----"

"All Kuno had to do was apologize," Ranma stopped
her, "and maybe give a little 'gift' to Nabiki," maybe not so
little, Ranma considered, recalling the smear of blood he'd
seen on the kitchen wall, "but he _wanted_ to fight. And
when he drew steel on you," Ranma shrugged, "he deserved
whatever he got."

"I . . .I said an awful thing," Akane said meekly.

"Well, yeah," Ranma grimaced, "You can't go around
calling people . . ." his mouth twisted sourly. "you just can't
_do_ that."

Akane nodded miserably.

"You're going to have to apologize to Kuno, probably
a full temple ceremony."

Akane nodded again, downcast.

"Well," Ranma squeezed her shoulder comfortingly,
"just let this be a lesson to control your temper so you don't
say----things like that."

"Anyway,"Ranma decided to change the subject,
"where did you learn to use a Burmese-flail? That was a nifty
trick to pull. Something your father taught you?" he asked
casually, hoping to find out if she had any other little surprises
tucked away, like poison-darts or a sleeve cannon.

"Oh, that," Akane leaned back till the bubbling water
came up to her chin.

"Yeah, _that_!"

"Well, Nabiki was making me watch this awful kung-
phooy movie, you know the kind," she gestured with her
hands, "where they swordfight standing on the backs of
galloping horses and run along the sides of walls?"

Ranma nodded, then realized she couldn't see him
with her eyes closed. "Uh-huh."

"Well, she balked at the stuff an actor was doing with
a chain, and I said she was the _only_ one not doing wire
work and one thing lead to another . . ." she shrugged, palms

"So you showed her how it was done?"

"Not exactly. I got a chain from the doujou. And
destroyed the sitting room." She winced in memory. "It was
years before Nabiki forgave me for destroying the TV in the
middle of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero." she shifted to a more
comfortable position. "But it made me mad that she wouldn't
believe me, so I started practicing until I was as good as the
movie actor."

That made sense. Of a sort. Then something occurred
to him. "Uhhh . . .how old were you when you started

"Hmmmm," Akane said drowsily, "about five."

"Why don't you compete in weapons?" *Great.
Eleven years perfecting her ability to slice n' dice* He
wondered what else he didn't know about her.

"Oh, I just do it for fun. I'm not good enough for
competition." Her body relaxed in the hot water and a soft
buzz slipped from her lips.

Just good enough to go to war, he thought darkly.
And flexible weapons made a lot of sense for someone with a
bad knee. He had a sudden vison of Akane holding a tri-staff,
standing over lump of ground-beef wrapped in red silk. The
iron capped tip of the segmented staff snapped around at two-
hundred kilometers per hour, removing a pig-tail from the
lump as she proceeded to make Ranma-tartare.

*ouch* He made a firm mental note to keep her away
from weapons in the future. Recalling her trick belt, he
considered the possibility of keeping her naked, but rejected
that as impractical. Besides, if today worked out as it should,
he wouldn't have to worry about her temper, for a while at
least. Making sure she was dozing, he scooped her clothes off
the floor and tip-toed into the main room.

He pressed a button and a few minutes later there was
knock at the door. At Ranma's assent, the door unlocked, to
show a young man in the mustard-yellow uniform of the hotel

"Take these," Ranma shoved the bundle of Akane's
clothes into the man's hands. "and get 'em cleaned an'

"Yes sir," the boy, whose ID read 'DAIKI', answered
crisply, looking at the wisp of white cotton peeking from the
bundle, then at Ranma with a knowing leer in his eyes.

Ranma pulled a 100 yen coin from his pocket and
flipped it in the air. "You like workin' here?" he asked, while
the coin was in the air.

Daiki started to nod, then froze as Ranma caught the
coin and bent it in half between his thumb and forefinger.
"You like walkin' upright?" he asked conversationally,
tucking the coin in the boy's shirt pocket.

"Then don't be thinkin' no dirty thoughts." The look
in his eyes could have cut steel and the boy felt his knees start
to buckle. "Never mind," Ranma said abruptly, "Trash that
stuff," he dug Kuno's wallet out of his pocket and peeled off
a thick wad of Yen. "Go buy all new stuff," he didn't want
Akane wearing anything this little pervert had touched. "Good
stuff," he ordered, stuffing the currency on top of the coin.
"Take the old stuff to a good store an' get a sales lady to pick
out the best they got an' use this for size. An' don't you be
lookin' at none of it, either. Have 'em wrap it in th' store.""
he pulled another bill off the roll and showed it to the pale
young man. "There's five-thousand Yen in it if you do a good

"Y . . .yessir," he snapped, greed overcoming fear.
"I'll be back in less than an hour."

"You'll be back when I ask for you," Ranma

"Yes. Sir." the boy answered faintly, standing at
attention until the door clicked shut, then dashing off.

That was one problem taken care of, Ranma thought.
The door locked from the outside until you paid the bill.
Akane couldn't leave, or even get dressed, so he had a captive
audience. Now, for step two. Rummaging through the well
stocked closet he picked out a ruffled pajama-shirt that he
judged should fall just below the curve of her buttocks.
Judiciously he popped off a couple of buttons, then pulled it
from the rack. A beeping light announced the garment had
been added to his bill. Discarding the pants as useless he
jammed the door shut, in case Akane decided to look for
other clothing. Tossing the bit of silk on the bed he headed for
the small en-suite kitchen and began the next phase. Heating
water in the microwave he added sugar to make simple-syrup
to which he added club-soda, juice from a whole lime and a
jigger of gin which he got from an ever-present vending
machine set into the wall. All of this he poured over crushed
ice, then tasted. Perfect. Unless you were a regular drinker,
you'd never taste the gin. Thoughtfully he added another half-
jigger of spirits. Coupled with the stress of the day and the
soak in very hot water, this would leave Akane relaxed and
suggestible. Finished with his preparations he took time to
look around the room carefully, and discovered why this was
the 'Stylish SM' room. Thoughtfully he hefted a set of silver-
plated leg-irons, mink-lined for comfort.


"Time ta get out, sleepy head."

Akane mumbled something, then roused slightly.
Opening her eyes she squealed and jerked back to see Ranma
looming over her, holding out a glass.

"Oh . . .oh, sorry," She blushed at having acted like a
silly girl.

"Drink this, ya need th' electrolytes."

"Thanks." Greedily she downed the contents in two
big gulps. "That . . .that was good," She started to get up,
then sat back down, feeling a little woozy.

"Ummm . . .if you'll hand me my clothes I'll get

"You're stuff was a mess," Ranma said, handing her
the towel mater-of-factly. "I sent it out to be cleaned." He
watched her face carefully, as she realized she had no clothes
and no money, then added casually. "I got th' hotel to lend
you a robe while you're waitin'." He jerked his thumb at the
garment he'd tossed over a chair. "I got us sumthin' ta eat.
Maybe there's a movie or somethin' on TV while we wait."

Akane relaxed at his matter-of-fact attitude, as he
knew she would, and cautiously got out of the tub, still feeling
a little dizzy, but wonderfully relaxed after her long soak.
Drying quickly she pulled on the robe, which seemed more
like a shirt. She was dismayed to find that it was so short that
the ruffled hem tickled her bottom. And if she pulled it down,
the gaping top exposed the curve of her bosom. With some
trepidation she walked into the other room, forced to take
short mincing steps to keep from exposing herself.

"Uhhh . . .hi," she said softly, feeling suddenly shy and

"Foods over there," Ignoring the ting of pink in her
cheeks he jerked a thumb at a tray of cheese and crackers by
the bed. He made a final adjustment to the television controls
and Akane gasped as the walls of the room seemed to vanish,
replaced by breakers rolling onto a beach at twilight.

"This is all I can find, right now," Ranma apologized,
knowing the soothing, seductive beach scene would play until
he changed it.

"Uhhh . . .that's fine," Akane stuttered, looking for a
chair. Ranma would have been very surprised if she'd found
one after he went to the trouble of hiding them in a closet.
After a moment she gave up, settling on the edge of the bed.
After a moment of experimentation she found the only safe
way to sit was with her legs curled to one side. As long as she
didn't take any deep breaths, she should be alright.

They sat in companionable silence for a while, Akane
nibbling on treats that Ranma off-handedly fed her as he
talked about training under Genma, making her laugh with
some of the stories he told on himself. Occasionally his hand
brushed against her bare skin and the first time this happened
she jumped as if hit with an electric shock. Since Ranma never
seemed to notice, she gradually relaxed, finding she liked this
casual intimacy. She'd never had a 'pal' before and despite
being a jerk sometimes, Ranma was nice to be around. He
shifted in the bed, his thigh accidently brushed her leg and she
could feel the heat of his body through the thin silk of his

Maybe 'nice' wasn't quite the right word. She felt
uncomfortably warm and took another sip of the wonderful
drink he kept pouring for her; a fruit-punch he called it.

"Is it me you hate? Or marriage in general." Ranma
asked casually, handing her a bit of cheddar as he lounged
beside her, eyes closed.

"Whaaa . . .?" she gasped, choking as she tried to
swallow and breath at the same time. "What are you talking

"Jus' wonderin'," he remarked, snagging a cracker,
hiding a grin as she washed down the cheese with another
slug of 'fruit punch'.

"I don't hate you," she said finally, feeling a little
woozy. It was so hot. She undid a button on her robe, fanning
her heated skin with the edge.

"That's good."

Ranma lay there in silence until Akane felt forced to
speak. "What . . .what made you bring up marriage?"

"Nuthin'," Ranma replied. "I just guess I've been
thinkin' . . ." he trailed off and shifted away from her.
Unfortunately this caused the bed to dip and rolled Akane
against him, until the entire bare length of her leg was pressed
against him. Dimly she realized the hem of her robe had
ridden up, but she couldn't quite figure out what to do about

"Thinking?" She prompted, opening another button,
slightly aggrieved that Ranma didn't seem to be feeling the

"Yeah," Ranma rolled toward her and she gulped as
she realized that his shirt had come open. Maybe he was
feeling the heat she thought, looking at his hard masculine
chest. "I been thinkin' that you were probably right, not to
want to marry me."

"I was right?," She said, feeling a little dazed as she
breathed in his warm masculine scent. "About what?"

"About me bein' a loser. An' a jerk."

"You're not!" she cried, dismayed that she could have
said something so cruel. She tried to shake some sense into
him, but her muscles seemed to have turned to butter and she
only succeeded in falling on top of him.

"You're not a jerk," she mumbled against the side of
his neck as she tried to push upright.

"Ya don't need me," he remarked calmly, helping her
until she lay snuggled against his side. "You're a good martial
artist an' ya learn quick. You should wait until you find some
nice college boy. Someone who dresses nice and talks good."

"Never!" She exclaimed, hating this unknown boy
already. "I like . . .I like you!" She tried to kiss him, showing
a great deal of enthusiasm, but little technique.

"No ya don't," he gently pushed her away until he
could look her in the eyes. "I'm not a good guy."

"Yes, yes you are!"

"I planned this," his hand swept the room, "your
clothes weren't that bad, An' I bribed the boy ta not let ya
have any clothes until I said different."

"You did?"

"Yeah. An' I ditched th' pants to that," he nodded at
her half unbuttoned shirt, "and popped off a couple o'

"Why?" Her slightly unfocused gaze held honest

" I hadda crazy idea that I could make ya fall for me."


"Well," he pulled a set of restraints from under the
bed. "I was gonna tie you to th' bed and . . .uhhhh . . ."

Akane watched in fascination as a ting of red crept up
from under his collar and slowly suffused his face. Then she
realized what he dangled from one hand and felt her face heat.

"What were you going to do?" her voice came out a

"Uhhhh . . ." Ranma fiddled with his pigtail. "I was
gonna . . ." he jiggled the mass of leather and metal in his
hand. "an' . . .uhhhh . . .I was gonna . . .
teasyauntilyabeggedtomarryme," he got out in a rush.

Akane licked suddenly dry lips, staring at the bondage
equipment in fascination. "Can you . . .is that . . .how . . .?"

"Heh," Ranma gave a nervous laugh. "Well, uhhh . . .
when ya' can't move I can sorta . . .uhhhh . . .using pressure
points an' . . . .uhhhh . . .after a while ya can't stand it no
more. And then . . .uhhh . . .I was gonna," he gulped, his face
turning a fiery red, "I was gonna . . .I was gonna make love to
ya until you passed out. An while you were all kinda sleepy
and confused I was gonna take us to th' wedding chapel
downstairs and marry you." He pulled a slightly crumpled
piece of paper from his pocket and thrust it at Akane. "You
probably better keep this."

"It's a marriage license," she peered at the paper,
which seemed a little blurry.

"Yeah, your pop and mine got it right after we got
there. I kinda been holdin' on to it . . .well, I just been holdin'
on to it." He rolled off the bed and went to the phone. "I
better call about your clothes and we can go. Sorry about all
this. It's not right of me ta' take advantage of ya just 'cause
you're a girl."

"Wait!" she squeaked. It was so warm it was hard for
her to think. She gulped down some more fruit punch. Things
were happening too fast. She wasn't sure what she wanted to
do, but . . . "Just wait a minute," she begged, holding her head
in her hands. Something peculated through her sluggish brain.
"Wha . . .what do you mean jush . . .just a girl!" She lurched
to her feet, then fell back on the bed. "I'm a mar-shal . . . mar-
shel . . . I can fight!" She glared blearily at Ranma. "I accept
your challenge!"

"What challenge?" Ranma said easily.

What challenge? Akane blinked, mind working.
"Uhhhh . . . what makes you think I'd fall for _you_!" She
snapped her fingers at him, but they slid soundlessly across
one another. She stared, puzzled, at her fingers, trying several
more times before giving up the effort. "You've have a lot of
nerve," she enunciated carefully, "think . . .ing that you can
beat me so easily."

"What are you saying?" Ranma asked, his voice very

"I . . ." what was she saying? She wished he wouldn't
lean so close, it made it hard to think. She took a gulp of
punch in an effort to clear her head. "I . . ."

"You think you wouldn't fall for my technique? That
you could resist me, no matter what I did?"

"That's rike . . .right!" she said brightly, glad that
she'd taken the time to explain it all to him. "No matter what
you did."


OK!" she agreed. "Uhhhh . . .ok what?"

"If you lose, you have to marry me."

"Marry . . .what?" She wanted to lie down. The room
was spinning and she couldn't quite figure out . . .

"I'll try to seduce you." Ranma said softly, his breath
against her skin making her shiver. "If I win, you have to
marry me. Now. Today."

"But . . ." her mind felt squishy and it was hard for her
to think. But one very important thing did come to mind.
"How . . .how do we know who . . .who won?"

"Well," he trailed the back of his fingers along the
outside of her leg, "How about this. I have to make you beg
me to make love to you."

"Wh . .what?" she gulped the last of the punch.

"You're right. That's too easy."

"Why you----" she was momentarily paralyzed with
outrage. That was the only thing that saved his life. She
couldn't believe she had ever thought she lo----liked this . . .
this _boy_!

"You've got to beg three times. I think that's fair."
Akane could hear the 'even for a girl like you' in his tone of
voice and her blood began to boil.

"Why you . . .I accept your challenge."

Ranma looked at her a moment, then burst out

"What's so funny?"

"If you could have _seen_ your face!" he sobered at
her look. "I'm sorry. I was just kiddin'."

"Kidding!" She was so angry she thought she was
going to explode. "Kidding!"

"Yeah. It ain't fair to ask you ta do something like
that. Just because I lo----it ain't right to ask you to get
married just because you lose a bet."

Akane caught his almost slip and flushed, feeling
whipsawed by her emotions. "You lo-----what makes you
think I'd lose?"

"It ain't your fault. Girls are just . . .they can't resist
mushy stuff, that's all." he explained, not unkindly. "They just
ain't built for it like guys are. It wouldn't be fair."

"Not built . . .resist . . .girls . . ."Akane stuttered in her
fury. "Alright. What do I get if-----when I win?"

"Huh?" Ranma seemed stunned for a minute. "Alright,
what do you want?"

"Uhhhhh . . ." Akane froze, unable to think of
anything. She stared at him, trying to come up with something
he might have. But the more she looked, the more she
wanted . . . she shook her head violently, trying to rid herself
of unwanted image. "I . . .when I win, I'll want you to do
something for me."

"What?" Ranma asked interestedly.

"I don't know. Something."

"Alright. If you win, I'll do whatever you ask me to, if
I can."

"Alright." Akane paused. "Uhhhh . . .Now what?"

"Now?" Ranma smiled and Akane shivered at the look
in his eyes, wondering why she felt this funny little flutter in
her tummy. "Just lie back and relax."

Akane did as requested and felt something go around
her right wrist with a click. She jerked away, only to be
brought up short by the manacle securing her to the wall.
While she was distracted Ranma quickly pulled her left arm
taut and secured it to the opposite eye-bolt.

"Just relax," Ranma said soothingly as he slid down
the bed to take both of her ankles in his hand. Deftly he
crossed her ankles and secured them with two broad leather
straps, then ran a braided leather leash to the end of the bed,
tying it off on one of several projections provided.

"Comfortable?" he asked solicitously.

Comfortable wasn't the word she would have chosen.
She gingerly tugged on the chains holding her arms. There
was tiny metallic rattle, but it felt like the other end was
bolted to bedrock and she couldn't budge. The cool leather
around her ankles had quickly warmed and softened, but the
way she was tied made her knees naturally want to fall open.
She felt extremely helpless and vulnerable.

"Uhhhh . . .sure. Not a problem." she hoped there
wasn't a quaver in her voice. She was going to show him-----
"What are you _doing_!" she shrieked, jerking up, going only
a fraction of an inch before being yanked back down onto the
mattress by her bonds.

"Just testing," Ranma replied blandly, running a
finger-nail lightly around the tender skin under her knee. "You
can't move at all, can you?"

"Uhhhh . . .no," she replied in a very small voice. She
was beginning to think this had been a mistake. When Ranma
pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, she was sure of it.

Ranma propped himself on one elbow beside her, the
grin fading from his face as he took in her look of deadly
serious concentration.

"Ummmm . . .you should have gone before we got

"I don't have to------just get on with it she snapped."
glaring at him fiercely. Well, as fiercely as possible when
you're tied naked to a bed and have suddenly realized that
perhaps you shouldn't have had that last glass of punch.

"Yes you do," he teased, "fortunately this bed has a
rubber mattress cover." He took advantage of her gasp of
outrage to lower his mouth over hers for a teasing kiss. She
didn't seem to have any idea of what to do with her lips or
teeth or tongue. And she almost bit his off by accident. What
he hoped was an accident.

"Ummm," he pulled back, eying her narrowly, "you
_have_ done this before?"

"What? Kissed?" She laughed, scornfully. "Certainly,
dozens of times. Hundreds."

Eying her skeptically he thought that might be true,
depending on how many uncles and maiden aunts she had.
"How many boys have you been with. Kempo competition
doesn't count." He added quickly as she opened her mouth to
answer. There was silence.

"None?" he said weakly. "Just a quick slap and tickle
in the locker room?"

Akane stared stonily at the ceiling.

"Ummmm . . ." how to put this, he wondered, "when I
said I was going to tease you until you begged . . . what are
you going to beg for?"

Akane bit her lip, blushing slightly.

*Oh boy* "When I said we were going to make . . .
uhhhh . . .do you know where babies come from?"

"Oh yes," Akane said, happy at knowing the answer to
a question. "The hospital."

Ranma felt his jaw drop as Akane burbled on.

"Papa told me all about it. When a man and a woman
love each other Kami-sama blesses them with a baby that
combines their love and then------"

"Do you," he stopped her with a finger against her
lips, "Know anything about . . .sex?"

"Ohhhhh," Akane said, understanding dawning. "Of
course. Moeko always lets me read her Doujinshi when she's
through with them."

"Oh, well, that's fine," Ranma started, feeling relieved.
Pornographic manga were great teaching aids. Then he
remembered that Doujinshi were-----

" . . .know all about 'throbbing man-meat' and 'velvet
covered steel' and 'going in the back door' and . . ."


"Are you feeling alright," Akane asked, suddenly

"Just a little headache," Ranma mumbled from where
he held his head in his hands. *A _virgin_! Pops, I'm gonna
kill you!


*I can do this*, Ranma thought, resisting an urge to
wipe beads of sweat off his brow. *She's naked. Tied to the
* he ran a practiced eye over Akane's taut young body,
stretched out on display, hard muscles shifting and sliding
under the skin as she shifted restlessly under his probing gaze.
But all her strength, all her training was useless, tied as she
was. His gaze drifted lower, toward the nest of curls that
protected her secret place and grinned as she squeaked in
embarrassment, trying to bring her legs together.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Taking a deep breath
he decided he'd treat this like he was learning a new
technique. Virgin-fu? The Cherry-fist?

"W . . .what's so funny?" Akane asked nervously as
Ranma suddenly chuckled.

"Nothing," he grinned, laying back beside her. "I'm
not going to hurt you," he reassured her, trailing a teasing
finger down her ribs, smiling as she squealed and giggled. "If I
hurt you, I lose." He wiggled his fingers under her ribs again
and she jerked as if she'd been shot. "Ssss . .heeee . . .stop!"

"Not ticklish are you?"

"NO . . .no I'm not. Not at all," she said hastily.

"Ummm . . .a lot of people think they aren't ticklish.
Until they're helpless and tied-up," he traced a delicate line
around her neck and was rewarded with a giggle. "And then
they find they're just giggley little girls." He spider-walked his
fingers feather light along her belly, which went granite-hard
with her effort to hold back her giggles.

"Doooo . . .ddddd . . .heeeeeee . . .don't DO that!"
She begged, thrashing against her bonds. "I don't like it."

"Yes you do," Ranma contradicted, "You like it a

"I don't!" She wailed, bursting into laughter as he
teased a tender spot under her knee.

"This little fellow say different," he flicked one rock-
hard nipple with the end of his finger and was rewarded with a
full throated scream as Akane's body formed a perfect bow as
she arched off the bed. Picking himself off the floor Ranma
shook his head, a bit dazed, and watched as Akane vibrated in
the throws of a powerful climax. Tentatively he moved to her
side and placed a soft kiss just above her knee. Even though
he was ready for it, she almost took his head off as she came
off the bed in another convulsive climax.

*Damn!* he thought, amazed as she quivered under a
series of micro-orgasms. *Bondage as safe-sex!* Safe for him
at least. He was quite certain that if she hadn't been tightly
secured that first climax would have hospitalized him. *Am I
good, or what!


"Please," Akane moaned, thrashing uselessly against
her bonds. "Please----"

"Please, what?"

She shivered as Ranma ran an ice-cube between her

"Please . . .mmmmphhh . . ." she sucked in her breath
as he teased her navel with the melting ice. "P . . .
pppplease -----"

"Say it, or this is goin' south," he drew a teasing line
with the ice.

"MMM . . .aster," she burst out, "Please Master," She
gasped as he teased the vulnerable junction between her legs.
More vulnerable since he'd spent a leisurely hour with a razor
and some scented oil, leaving her as smooth and bare as a
twelve-year old. Then she'd discovered the oil's other
properties as it began to drive her mad, weeping and begging
for relief from the burning tickling sensation. Relief she'd
been denied. That had been the first.

"That didn't sound very sincere," Ranma nibbled her
lower lip, then teased her mouth open with his tongue."

"Please, Master. Please," tossing her head back and
forth on the sweat soaked pillow her entire universe was
focused on the maddening, devil-angel above her and his
deliciously wicked hands.

"Will you marry me?" he asked, fingers of his right
hand teasing the sensitive folds that hid her feminine secrets.
Weakly she tried to bring her knees together in defense, but
her body wasn't willing to put up with that sort of nonsense
from her brain and parted eagerly at his touch. Do you want
me to love you?" He teased the entrance to her garden-of-
delights, gently knocking at the gate, and she groaned, lifting
off the bed in an effort to capture him. But he was free to
move away, maintaining a feather-light touch that made her

"YES!" she screamed in frustration. "Yes, yes, yes,"
she begged weeping. "Anything. I'll do anything!" Three
times she'd begged, and this time he rewarded her. Filling her,
completing her, and it was wonderful, more wonderful than
anything she could have imagined.


Akane woke with a groan, feeling like the time she'd
discovered that breaking concrete with your head is harder
than it looks on TV. Her mouth tasted like the inside of a
locker room. Making a face she started to get up to brush her
teeth, only to be brought up with a jerk.

"What!" She glared at the chains on her arms, then fell
back with a groan as she remembered. Everything. *I must
have been _crazy_!* A rasping sound, like a wood-saw
cutting through tin got her attention and she twisted around
to see Ranma, snuggled up against her, one arm around her
chest, the other nestled between her legs, cupping her
possessively. She felt her body burn as more and more details

He had . . .and then she . . .but then they both . . . *Oh
* then she remembered what had happened next. *Oh
* And next, and next . . .and then things got a little hazy
as she lost consciousness. She felt a big grin split her face and
no matter how hard she tried she couldn't wipe it off. She
wanted a hug.

"Ranma," she whispered softly. "Ranma-chan?" She
rattled her chains and nudged him with her hip. "Ranma!

He flopped over on his back, as inert as if he'd been
knocked over the head.

*Dammit!* she fumed. She wanted to snuggle and the
inconsiderate oaf was sleeping like a baby. A really big, noisy
baby who drooled onto his pillow and was equipped like a
Bahama-bull. She really had to pee, too.

Frustrated she yanked at her manacles, but they
wouldn't budge. And the chain was too short to get any
leverage. If she could just get some slack . . .craning her neck
she looked at the strap around her ankles and grinned.
Leather stretches.


"Time to wake up sleepy head," a gentle voice cooed
in his ear.

"Five more min's pop," he mumbled into his pillow,
batting at the voice.

"If you do this sort of thing with your father, you're
more perverted that I thought."

Ranma jerked up, like he was spring operated.

"And I think you're pretty perverted." Akane handed
him a cup of coffee, her face expressionless, then retreated to
the far side of the room. Looking at the foot of the bed he
could see the remnants of the leather straps, stretched and
ripped apart along one seam. Wildly he looked for the
manacles, finding them twisted into ruin. Were those _teeth_
marks? He looked up to see Akane smiling at him, showing a
row of small, white _strong_ teeth, and he gulped nervously.

"You put something in my drink, didn't you," she
asked, rhetorically. "When I woke up I felt like I did after I
got into daddy's 'medicine' when I was little."

"Urrrrk!" he replied, intelligently.

"Drink your coffee," She ordered and he gulped the
scalding brew, wondering briefly if she'd mistaken furniture
polish for the coffee. Over the rim of his cup he watched her
stretch, then move forward with the ponderous grace of a
tigress, muscles rippling like corded steel under her skin.
"You got me drunk," she took a step and Ranma scooted
back on the bed, trying to marshal his sleep fuddled thoughts.
"Got me naked," another step, and her eyes narrowed
measuringly. For a burial shroud? he wondered shakily. "Tied
me to the bed," her voice was a husky growl, "made me
_beg_," Ranma saw his life pass before him and realized it
was much too short. Especially the last couple of hours.
"BEG," she hissed, and he could smell mint on her breath,
"Call you _master_,-----"

"I can explain," he said weakly, trying to think of
something that would buy him time to get to the door. Then
remembered it was locked from the outside.

*oh shit*

She leapt, her naked form a blur as she tackled him
and he wondered if it would hurt much when she ripped off
his arms and legs.

"And I LIKED it!" She grinned an _evil_ grin. And as
she straddled his trussed form he realized she had put in at
least a little time studying Hojojutsu, the feudal art of
restraining prisoners, quickly, with rope.


"Sir?" Daiki knocked timidly on the door. He didn't
want to do this, but there had been reports of screams and the
manager insisted he check. He dangled the bag of clothes,
from the most expensive boutique in Tokyo, from one hand as
he unlocked the door and pushed it open a crack.


He jumped as the door opened suddenly to reveal a
naked girl. A _very_ naked girl, he saw, as his eyes were
involuntarily drawn to the smooth junction between her
thighs. *ohgodohgodohgod*

"What's this?" The girl snagged the bag from his

"I didn't see anything, I swear I had my eyes closed."

'Ohhhh . . .pretty," a husky voice cooed and he
opened his eyes to see the girl holding a blouse against her
chest. Which had the unfortunate result of framing her
nakedness below the waist.

"Gaaaa!" Paralyzed, he watched her turn back into the
room, her buttocks twin spheres of hard muscle that shifted
and rolled hypnotically.

She could crush him like bug between thighs like
young trees, hold him helpless as a child with an arm bigger
around than both his skinny little legs while she squeezed the
life out of him with two fingers.

*Life is good* he thought, tears of gratitude to kami-
sama leaking from his eyes.


Daiki's eyes snapped open, forcing him from a
beautiful fantasy where a muscular goddess forced him to
kneel naked, except for a rubber shower cap, and lick fish
paste from her vinyl-boots.

"I need you to run another errand," she handed him a
bundle of rags, that looked like a pair of pants and shirt ripped
up to form crude ropes. "Go get a pair of pants and a shirt,"
she rattled off sizes as she handed him a thick wad of bills.
"You don't need to worry about underwear." she added. "Oh,
and can you bring some food?"

Daiki nodded and she handed him another wad of
Yen. At this rate he'd be able to move out of his parents

"How about a couple of steaks, crisp on the outside
and pink in the middle?" He nodded. "Two large salads, lots
of fresh tomatoes . . .uhhh . . .and two giant vanilla malts
with chocolate sprinkles."

There was a faint mewling sound, like a kitten caught
in a tree and Daiki peered around into the room. Bent
backward over a padded roller was the nude form of the boy
he'd met earlier. Thick leather straps and purple hemp ropes
criss-crossed his form until the only thing that could move
where his eyes, that stared pleadingly over a thick gag. And,
standing proudly from a thick nest of downy hair-----

Daiki gulped, feeling suddenly inadequate. Was that
even _real_?

"Oh," the naked goddess glanced over her shoulder,
then back at Daiki. "And two . . .no, three dozen raw oysters.
And a case of Super Ginko Power drink." she blushed faintly,
"and anything else you think might be good for . . .
endurance." There was a muffled wail of despair, that Daiki
felt was best to ignore. "And, don't hurry about the pants and
shirt. We won't need them until tomorrow . . .afternoon."

He didn't hear weeping, Daiki decided, hurrying to do
his goddesses bidding.


"Hmmmm," Akane rummaged through what she'd
dubbed the 'toy chest', pulling out what looked like a tiny
plastic phallus, ignoring the little beeping light that charged
the cost to the room account. Turning it over in her hands she
jumped with a little squeak when it started vibrating with a
musical buzzing sound.

"Oooooo, now what can we do with this?" She asked
rhetorically, since all Ranma could do was 'mmmmph'
frantically through his gag, shaking his head as Akane moved
to stand over him. Trailing a possessive hand over his chest,
she delighted in the feel of his muscles quivering under her
touch and the pleading look in his eyes.

"Poor baby," she cooed, sympathetically. Ranma felt
an instant of relief, before he realized she wasn't talking to
him. Or, not all of him, at least. "I bet you're getting bored."
He swallowed hard behind his gag as she stared at him, like a
starving lioness might stare at a particularly tender baby fawn.
"Now, what should we do next?"

Akane's eyes lit up as she recalled a Doujinshi she'd
read, "Licorice Whip and Lolly-Pop Sunday". Using the
universal remote she went quickly through the scroll-down
music menu until she found what she wanted. Making her
selection, she knelt between Ranma's thighs, bringing the tiny
plastic toy to life with a buzz. She'd thought it pretty funny at
the time, but that was before------

Ranma gave out a strangled groan, his body quivering
in exquisite torment as Akane boldly went where no one had
gone before.

*Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli . . .*

Breath control was the secret, she decided.

*I call him Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli . . .*