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Yellow Sn0w Unlock Guide Free

Free Instruction on the Dev Teams command line unlocking tool.

Windows Guide to Free 3g Unlcok

Full guide with no fuss - i found heaps of bs about this mod and thought i could assist by provoding a step by step guide to the free 3g unlcok made by the Dev team.

Step 1.

Your going to have to wipe your iphone and update your iphone using itunes and the "hold shift" and click restore mothod.

Search google for the following...



Step 2.

You need to restore your 3g iphone to 2.2.0 firmware with quickpwn.

Be sure to select Cydia and Installer.

Step 3.

Once complete and this should not take long - Connect to your wifi and go into cydia on your jailbroken 3g iphone.

Search yellowsn0w and install.

Turn your iphone off by holding the power switch and then insert your Sim.

Upon restarting your phone should pick up your sim in 15 seconds. Done!