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Please feel free to send me an with any comments or questions regarding my photos.

All photos have been downsized and the quality reduced to increase the download speed. Please feel free to contact me by if you want the full size files (2-8Mpix) by e-mail or CDROM or to order prints of the photos.

To make these web-pages, I have used the batch convert utility in IrfanView to reduce the size and quality (50%) of the photos. I also use my own software to add captions from a text file. Please let me know if you want assistance to produce your own web pages or a CD-ROM of your own photo's. Otherwise, Google's Pixasa software can be used to do a similar job.

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These pages are a record of the third End to End walk of the Heysen Trail organised by the Frends of Heysen Trail, as seen through my photographic eye.

These pages are intended to be used by participants of the walk as a momento of their efforts. Non-participants are welcome to view these pages to see what it is all about! Participants are welcome to make copies of these pages for their own records.

If you object to any images of yourself on these pages, please let me know and I will remove them!

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