Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a superb distro' for learning about Linux.  It is surprisingly simple to install & setup, requiring only that you have the ability to read & follow the Beginners Guide installation instructions to the letter.

The  Arch Wiki is of an extremely high standard, with a great range of well written information & How-To's.

The  Arch Forums also offer a wealth of information as well as a great place to seek answers to your problems.

Unfortunately the administration at Ubuntu forums, in their wisdom closed (some time ago now) what was once a wonderful sub-forum called Other OS Talk.

Due to the UF's closure of the OOST sub-forum, quite a few of the old regulars are now frequenting the forum, which has quite a few knowledgeable Arch users & is a very comfortable forum.  Many of these users are extremely knowledgeable in many of the Linux/BSD systems & beyond.

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