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A quick introduction: I have A background in design and art education, and at the moment I'm working as a technical advisor and trainer in a call centre. One of my creative outlets is photography - possibly because my attention span is too short to paint or draw much, but also because it lets me travel and explore and find interesting things, and record them to show other people.

I always struggle to explain exactly what interests me - there's a lot (the short attention span again) - but in my personal projects I keep coming back to ruined things and places, which inspire me to imagine the lives of the people that inhabited and used them.

For regular visitors, I've made a few changes lately: My photo diary is now hosted externally, but can still be accessed through the same link above. This change has made it much easier to upload photos, and it should make loading the pages quicker for you. There is also the facility to leave a comment - I welcome any thoughts or criticism.

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