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24 April 06

As much as I dislike animal pictures, there was beautiful light ;)

23 April 06

16 April 06

This next one is straight out of the camera, no photoshop at all. The yellows were amazing. Funnily enough as I was lying in the grass taking this, a wedding party walked by led by a wedding photographer who taught a class I've been doing. Small world eh?
I couldn't quite get this one how I wanted, even using a HDR image to keep the highlights from blowing out didn't look right. I still quite like the curves.
And just cos I can... this is Silvie, the kitten I'm kittensitting at the moment ;) She is as bonkers as the crazy gleam in her eye makes her look.

15 April 06

I'm getting a bit of a thing for car parks. The attendant recognised me today :p I really like the different perspectives, and also the view past the tops of the flashy store fronts, into the seedy overbelly of the city.
This one is a high dynamic range image made of 3 exposures to try to keep the detail in the shadows.
The thing I like here is the tiny red bit of plastic near the yellow line, matching the coffee cup.

13 April 06

I've been a bit photographically promiscuous today!
I was out taking some pictures with a mate today when we found the dead kangaroo above. I actually like the next photo better - interesting relationship between the shapes of the 2 bodies lying on the road I think. There's a thought I'm having that I can't quite put into the right words - about the human technology that is visible in the use of the camera and implied in the death of the kangaroo.
This grove of oak trees was nestled in a little valley - the only sound you could hear was the thud of acorns falling to the leaves.

12 April 06

There's something about the look of city streets at night in the rain, a contrast between the coldness and darkness, and the inviting gleam of lights on the wet street. There's also something about trying to shoot at 1/5 of a second with 80mm equivalent focal length ;)

11 April 06

I always find the look and feel of this kind of bark calming; an impression of age and strength.

08 April 06

06 April 06

I hope you'll excuse me if I stray a little today, these are much more heavily edited than usual but I had a certain feel in mind.
Fairy Lake....
Shepards warning

04 April 06

A few more from the weekend, file size is a bit larger than usual because the detail didn't really show up enough in this first one. I'm really enjoying grainy, crusty images lately - such a refreshing change from the whole 'perfect' thing.

03 April 06

Todays photos were brought to you by the letter...

01 April 06

I went up to Mt Lofty botanic gardens today - nice and cold with a bit of rain for a change ;-)
I find it pretty difficult taking photos of animals usually, it's really hard trying to come up with an interesting composition of any kind beyond just saying 'here is this animal'.

29 Mar 06

I've been revisiting a few pictures I took when i visited queensland a few weeks back. I am quite pleased with this first one, I liked the original image and I think I have been able to increase the drama of the clouds with this processing.

12 Mar 06

At the Adelaide botanic gardens

I took this one a few weeks ago, on Moreton island!

The sky and sea were amazing, a heavy tropical storm was coming but the sun was still hitting the sea, which was a vivid turquoise.

24 Feb 06

I was just scouting around locations for a model shoot with some friends and saw this great lighitng. Imagine this with a figure standing at the window, casting a shadow on the wall... watch this space for more!

22 Feb 06