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10 July 06

07 July 06

04 July 06

This is one of my favourites lately!
And a few more from the weekend...

02 July 06

A perfect day today!

30 June 06

28 June 06

25 June 06

18 June 06

Heres a series from today. I spent the afternoon in town making the most of the light - it's great taking a break from all this nature sometimes ;)
I thought the different reflective qualities of the metal and stone were interesting in this shot.
Not so special overall maybe but something grabbed me about the different weights of the lines. I think this needs another layer of interest
Again I'm not that happy with this one, but I do like the way the 2 buildings angles work together, and how the windows on the right bring the sky back in to the building, and contrast with the transparent panes of glass on the balcony. You can see the low sun kicking light from the walls back up into the underside of the roof on the left building..
I love this for the different areas and colours of light. There is the obvious area of direct, warm sunlight and shadow both in the curve of the arch and tree brancjes, and the ribs of the metal. You can also see the sunlight reflected back up in to the underside of the metal area, and to the top left you can see a brighter area of ambient cool light in the shadow.
This tree actually looked really strange in colour too, with 2 different colours of leaves. I'm happy with the sense of motion created by the shadows (including mine) and the people walking in to the picture.
I took a few shots of chairs today, I like the first one a lot more but I thought the orange cones in the second were an interesting twist to the fairly serene setting..

16 June 06

Well, this is the last shot I think I like from last weekends adventures down the coast. As can be seen in the last couple of shots, there were some amazing beams of light coming through the clouds all arvo. Well, bring on this weekend!

13 June 06

11 June 06

10 June 06

04 June 06

The 'aging' didn't quite work, I think. Still a bit interesting though.

01 June 06

We went driving up to Murray Bridge today - an interesting place to visit, seems like there were lots of old houses and buildings. Definately going to head back for some more exploring, I think.

27 May 06

26 May 06

I wanted a bit of a nostalgic feel to this but sepia is getting old, so I used a reddish cast which I think is a little bit reminiscent of those photos your mum still has lying around from the 80's.

25 May 06

24 May 06

20 May 06

16 May 06

I used a single curves layer to change the blue values in the dark tones here and bring up the yellows in the high tones - A favourite effect, it kind of looks like cross processed film I reckon.

15 May 06

13 May 06

This is the back yard of my new place!

12 May 06

11 May 06

It's been a while between posts, I've been moving house! Looking forward to exploring the new surrounds though.

2 May 06

28 April 06

I still haven't got the shot I want of the autumn leaves, but I think this first one is better,

25 April 06

The hills are lit up with crazy autumn leaves at the moment, fluro yellow, red, orange, all on the same tree sometimes. I haven't been able to take a photo that comes close to doing it justice so I've mostly just been enjoying it ;)


This isn't the most fascinating subject maybe but it's a technique that I am liking, a black and white HDR. The tonal range of black and white film compared to digital BW has always amazed me (not that I shoot much film) so lately I've been bracketing a lot of exposures and combining them into a single image. I think the best results come from something that actually has a lot of tonal range but even with a fairly flat scene you can really bring out a lot of detail with a bit of tweaking.
I like this shot but I don't know if it's for everyone - the trunks looked like scattered bones or something but I'm not sure if I captured what I saw.