This page lists hardware projects which I have worked on.

PT100 Datalogger

In late 2007 I redesigned the electronics for Temperature Technology's PT100 datalogger, updating it to use the same dsPIC-based architecture as the TempTec 816. The new logger has a larger capacity, and should have slightly improved accuracy, stability, and assembly time.

RS-232 Thermometers

I designed the electronics and wrote the firmware and engineering documentation for Temperature Technology's range of RS-232 temperature sensors.

TempTec 816

The TempTec 816 is a temperature datalogger with LCD display, min/max buttons, and two programmable alarms.

I designed the electronics in this logger, and the software code which runs it. This logger is the first Temperature Technology logger to use the dsPIC architecture.


The TempTec-R is a hand-held Thermochron reader. It allows people to extract data from a Thermochron in the field without needing to use a PC or laptop.

I designed the electronics in the TempTec-R and the software code which runs it. The PC software, which is used to download data from the TempTec-R to a computer, was also designed and written by me. I also wrote the user manual for the software., 28/01/2008