I built (and then disassembled) this port years ago, and have forgotten almost everything about it. This was one of the most popular pages on the old website, so I have copied it verbatim. I doubt I will ever rebuild this, even though an integer Ogg Vorbis decoder is now available.

picture of my psx serial link

I built this PC-compatible serial port for my Playstation using the schematic given here.

A Russian company called Runix had ported Linux to the Playstation, and I wanted to try it out. I thought that burning it onto CD each time I changed something would be a waste of CDs, so instead I built this device here. Of course with the money I spent on parts I could have bought a great number of CDs (at least 50, maybe 100), but this was a learning experience. Also at the time I think I had this grand vision that I would eventually get PPP working and be able to use this serial port to use the Internet from my Playstation.

I did manage to get my Playstation to load a Linux kernel over this link and boot it. It panicked when it couldn't find a filesystem, and I haven't yet tried to fix the problem. Unfortunately Runix has disappeared (they used to be at www.runix.ru), and nobody seems to be particularly interested in Linux on the Playstation anymore.

I might consider having another go at it once an integer based Ogg Vorbis implementation is available. It would be cool to turn my Playstation into an Ogg Vorbis player. I believe somebody has already done this with the Dreamcast, but I don't have one of those.

toojays@toojays.net, 16/4/2005