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.: Blog: UBA2 2011 WTFs!?!?!

The playoff picture is starting to iron itself out, and as normal, the gap between the haves and have nots is wide. That isn't a surprise... but there have been a few things that must have been at least some level of WTF!?!? to UBA2 vets. So here goes one man's view...

The Incredible Success of the LA Lakers- WTF? No player in the top 60 in PPG. No player in the top 30 in rebounding. If my memory is correct, only 2 of his players were starting for their team at the start of last year (Harris and McGee). Yet this team is still very much in the hunt for #1 seed in the West and even best record overall is not out of reach.

What is most amazing is that the Lakers don't really have a single area of strength - they are just a bit better than their opponent in most statistical categories, which translates to a lot better in PPG margin.

This really shouldn't be a suprise... but it still is. Let's face it. 'Broom is just better at this game than all of us. My hat is off to you, Mike.

Orlando Magic With a Winning Record - WTF? This team has been of special attention to me since I had their first round pick last year and subsequently watched them string together win after improbable win.

A team of Monta Ellis, Eric Gordon and a bunch of average players would be lottery-bound in the NBA (and have massive TO's to boot), but somehow the Magic are staying in the playoff hunt with only Garcia and NateRob to back those 2 up - and with an extremely average and suspect mass of big men behind them.

Al Jefferson for All League First Team - WTF? I don't recall seeing those listings at the bottom of league leaders until this year, but have been watching with interest. Would love to hear how that is figured - Al started out shockingly well, but him over Lebron? Love? On what basis?

Not a Lot of Trades - WTF? Not sure if all owners have experienced this, but both in terms of actual volume and chatter, it has seemed slow... but this one may not be a WTF after all.

The league has become even more than ever split by contenders (wanting vets, contributors) and lottery teams (wanting prospects, picks). I think that's come to a head - it's hard to even find an attractive vet on teams that are out of the playoffs. It will be interesting to see the results of this - will we see more Superstar for Lotto pick trades at keeper time? Will we see some rapid-risers as talent develops? Only time will tell.

 -Web Management

The Bobcats lead the league!!!
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