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Thomas William Tyzack (1854 - 1937) - Pictured outside his shop in Post Office Place, Melbourne, Australia

Thomas William Tyzack

Towards the beginning or the middle of the sixteenth century, Thomas De Henzell and Balthazar De Henzell, dwelling at the Vosges in the county of Lorraine, with their relatives Tylters and Tyzack (Huguenots) went to England, to Newcastle upon Tyne.

The 1911 Census for England and Wales is now available Online. I have obtained copies of all but a few of the Tyzack entries so contact me first to see if your ancestors are among them     

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Civil Registration in England

(1837 to 1912)

Having spent many hours collecting nearly "all" the TYZACK birth, death and marriage records I thought it was about time I made the information available to everyone. As with any index every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of the data but, please double check with another source before ordering certificates. If you find any errors please let me know so they can be corrected.
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FREE BMD for English & Wales Civil Registration

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The First Australian Tyzacks

Information on the first Tyzack families to settle in Australia will eventually contain a short biography on each of the following gentlemen as well as a family tree.

Charles William Tyzack (1827 - 1910)   Arrived circa 1852

Robert Tyzack (1852 - 1941)   Arrived in Victoria in 1870 aboard the "Kent"

William Tyzack (1793 - 1885)   Arrived in South Australia in 1840 aboard the "Warrior".

William Baker Tyzack (1823 - 1889)   Arrived in Victoria in 1866 aboard the "Lincolnshire"


Tyzacks who died during WW1

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Robert Tyzack & Descendants
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John Tyzack & Descendants
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James Henry Tyzack & Descendants
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Frederick Charles Tyzack & Descendants
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Please drop us a line if you have any comments or suggestions on the index, or any Tyzack family information, we would love to hear from you.

22nd December 2006

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