Thomas William Tyzack (1854 - 1937) - Pictured outside his shop in Post Office Place, Melbourne, Australia

Thomas William Tyzack

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The First Tyzacks in Australia

Charles William Tyzack (1827-1910)   - Arrived circa 1852.

Robert Tyzack (1852-1941)   - Arrived in Victoria aboard the "Kent" in 1870.

William Tyzack (1793-1885)   - Arrived in South Australia aboard the "Warrior" in 1840.

William Baker Tyzack (1823-1889)   - Arrived in Victoria aboard the "Lincolnshire" in 1866.

Australian Flag

In 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of William Baker Tyzack and family to Australia a 165 page book was compiled by Bruce Tyzack & Helen Tyzack (2nd Cousins and gg grandchildren of William Baker Tyzack). The book records descendents family trees and includes both short biographies and pictures of all family members. This is a restricted print book and only available to family members.

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