Pigots Directory 1869
Norfolk - Wells-next-the-Sea

POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE, Post Office Savings Bank & Government Annuity & InsuranceOffice. - Francis B. Southgate, postmaster, Staithe street. Letters are delivered at 8.45 a.m.;second delivery at 2.30 p.m. Box closes at 4.15 p.m
Clifton, William W. Accidental Railway station
Rump, R Clerical,Medical & General Life Staithe street
Andrews, William Commercial Union Fire & Life Quay
Fryer, Thomas General Life & Fire High street
Southgate, Francis B. Guardian Fire & Life Staithe street
Spicer, Robert Guardian Fire & Life Butt lands
Garwood, Thomas, jun. Law Union Butt lands
Loynes, Edward B. Life Association of Scotland Butt lands
Jarvis, Charles Liverpool & London & Globe High street
Fryer, Thomas Phoneix Fire High street
Mack, J & J.T. Reliance Mutual Life High street
Rump, Robert Royal Fire & Life Staithe street
Leggatt, William Sun Fire & Life Church street
Customs, Charles Richard Minors, collector, Custom house, East end;John Ramm, tidewaiter, Staithe street
Coastguard, George Hay, chief officer Theatre road
Assistant Overseer, William Leggatt, Church street
Inland Revenue Officer, George Frederick Johnson
Office of Inland Revenue, Crown hotel
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for the Wells District of theWalsingham Union, Patrick Vincent, Butt lands
Sub-Stamp Distributor, F.B. Southgate, Staithe street
Supervisor of Inland Revenue, Halstead Craven, Butt lands
Sub-Commissioner of Pilots, James Chapman & Joseph Springall, Southgate
Pilots, Richard Smith, John Allen & William Green
Harbour Master, John Smith
Inspector of Nuisance, William Provart
British & Infant (boys & girls), principally supported by the Earl of Leicester,established in 1836, Samuel Lewton, master; Miss Kate Singleton, mistress
Two schools for thirty boys & girls, supported by the funds of the late Christopher Ringer, esq
Railway Station, Wm. W. Clifton, station master
LYNN - Robert Rhodes, from his house, monday & thursday, returning tuesday & friday
NORWICH - Williams's cart, from his house, wednesday morning, returning friday night
Name Address
Bass, Mr.George Edward Pleasant pl
Chapman, Mr. James West house
Cook, Mr. William
Cowan, Rev. William [Independent] Theatre road
Darken, John Joseph, esq Butt lands
Downing, Rev.Henry E. S.C.L. Rectory
Everitt, Herbert, esq. Butt lands
Faircloth, Mrs Butt lands
Fryer, John Valantine, esq. Mill lane
Gales, Mr. Joshua Club lane
Garwood, Thomas, esq. Butt lands
Garwood, Thomas, jun.esq. Butt lands
Harvey, Mrs Butt lands
Haycock, Mr. Joseph Staithe street
Lambert, Mr. Joseph Charles Butt lands
Lord, Mr. Thomas Freeman street
Loynes, Edwd Bunting, esq. Butt lands
Loynes, Robert Thurston, esq. Butt lands
Nisbet, Mr. Henry Butt lands
Parker, Mrs. Butt lands
Parker, Richard, esq. Butt lands
Potts, Mrs. Butt lands
Race, Mrs. Butt lands
Rump, Hugh, esq. New road
Rump, Misses Butt lands
Rust, Mrs. Tinker's corner
Savory, Mrs. Marsh house
Simpson, Mr. William High street
Southgate, Joseph S. esq. Butt lands
Tyrrell, Mr. Henry Tinker's corner
Vincent, Patrick, esq. Butt lands
Wells, Mr. John Matthew Butt lands
Name Occupation Address
Able, Richard baker Quay
Allen, William master mariner High street
Alwen, Thomas corn merchant Mill lane
Anderson, Josiah boot & shoe Maker Staithe street
Applegate, Robert Fleece inn Quay
Applegate, Thomas boot & shoe maker Glebe
Assembly & Concert Rooms(Robert Spicer, proprietor)   Butt lands
Baker, George farmer Mill lane
Baker, Robert linendraper Staithe street
Baker, Robert rope maker Butt lands
Bambridge, George baker High street
Barnes, Henry bootmaker Theatre street
Barnes, Samuel King seed merchant, & agent for Ransome &Co.'s ploughs Quay
Bouch, William ironmonger Freeman street
Brett, John baker High street
Brightmer, Thomas sail maker Quay
Buck, George tailor & draper High street
Bunnett, James farmer East end
Bunting, Norton grocer & draper Quay
Burgess, Richard Waggon & Horses, & licenced to let horses Church street
Burton, John Ostrich Burnt street
Cademy, Charles farmer & lime burner Warham road
Cademy, John wheelwright Church street
Caley, John Exchange Freeman street
Canham, William blacksmith Mill lane
Carpenter, Robert Loombe agent to Eyre & Co. brewers Quay
Carson, John coal merchant Quay
Cawdron, Edward watch maker Staithe street
Cawston, Edmund block & mast maker Butt lands
Chapman, James maltster, merchant & ship owner Quay
Chestney, John fishmonger Quay
Chilvers, James shopkeeper Freeman street
Clarke, John butcher & beer retailer Freeman street
Cocks, William pawnbroker & watch maker Quay
Coe, William carpenter Church street
Cook James master mariner Freeman street
Cook, William corn chandler Staithe street
Cooper, William grocer & draper High street
Cooper, William master mariner Freeman street
Co-operative Stores(Ephraim Williams, manager)   High street
Crafer, Mary (Mrs.) grocer High street
Crasp, Thomas leather seller High street
Crosley, Charlotte (Miss) shopkeeper Staithe street
Cushion, James wheelwright Theatre road
Dawes, Sarah (Miss) beer retailer Freeman street
Dawson, John cabinet maker High street
Dawson, Thomason (Mrs.) baker High street
Decks, William tailor & draper High street
Dewing, Augustine miller, East mill Mill lane
Dickinson, Charles Wheatsheaf Freeman street
Dix, William tailor High street
Doyle, William Queen's Head Quay
Durken, John Joseph architect & surveyor Butt lands
Edwards, John master mariner Quay
Elliot, Edward Franklin bootmaker & leather seller Staithe street
Elston, William master mariner Freeman street
Emms, William tobacco pipe maker Church street
Evans, George saddler & harness maker Staithe street
Everitt, Herbert M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon Butt lands
Everitt, James maltster Staithe street
Faircloth, William Henry chemist Church street
Farrow, Robert baker Quay
Fincham, John corn dealer High street
Fox, George collar maker High street
Fox, John master mariner East end
Frost, George beer retailer High street
Fryer, Thomas printer & newsagent High street
Fuller, Frederick painter Quay
Futter, Edward baker Freeman street
Gardner, William Nettleton farmer Mill lane
Garrett, William shoeing & blacksmith High street
Garwood, Rose (Miss) young ladies boarding school Burnt street
Garwood, Thomas solicitor & commissioner in all the courts, clerk to the magistrate of the hundred ofNorth Grend & Brothercross & clerk to thetrustees of the Wells & Fakenham turnpikeroads Butt lands
Garwood, Thomas, jun. solicitor & commissioner in common law courts Butt lands
Gibbs, William grocer Staithe street
Glazebrook, William Pompey Crown family & commercial hotel & posting house & office of inland revenue. See advertisment.  
Gooch, Samuel James farmer Burnt street
Green, William painter Quay
Groom, Robert tailor High street
Gurling, William drill sergeant Staithe street
Gurneys, Birkbeck & Co.'s Bank (Wells Branch) (Joshua Gales, manager); drawn on Barclay & Co. London   Clubb lane
Hail, James butcher Staithe street
Hall, Robert whitesmith & gunmaker High street
Hamaway, John tailor Staithe street
Hamond, Mary Ann (Miss) young ladies boarding & day school Butt lands
Hay, George coast guard officer Theatre road
Haycock, Joseph shipowner Quay
Hayhow, Thomas master mariner Staithe street
Helsden, William master mariner Pleasant place
Hendry, Henry Ship inn Quay
Hibberd, William gamekeeper to Earl of Leicester Mill lane
Hill, Mary Ann (Mrs.) shopkeeper Staithe street
Hinson, Horatio carpenter Burnt street
Holmes, James builder Mill lane
Holsworth, John beer retailer Freeman street
Howard, John butcher Quay
Howard, Thomas William printer & stationer Butt lands
Isaacks, William rope maker East end
Jarrett, Thomas ship smith Quay
Jarvis, Charles grocer & provision dealer High street
Jarvis, James grocer Freeman street
Johnson, George Frederick officer of inland revenue Freeman street
Johnson, William greengrocer Staithe street
Kemp, William master mariner Freeman street
Kew, James master mariner Jolly Sailors' yard
King, Esther (Mrs.) shopkeeper Burnt street
Lakey, Henry shoe maker High street
Land, Francis baker Staithe street
Langley, Richard beer retailer Quay
Langley, Richard, jun. Dogger inn West end
Langley, Thomas blacksmith Church street
Leggatt, William tailor & assistant overseer Church street
Leggett, Thomas boot maker Staithe street
Lemon, Robert shipbuilder East end
Lewton, Samuel school master
London, Catherine (Mrs.) corn dealer Staithe street
Long, Frederick surgeon Burnt street
Loose, Mary (Miss) milliner & dress maker High street
Lord, Thomas farmer, coal merchant & shipowner Freeman street & Quay
Love, Hammond farmer Standard yard
Loynes, Edward Bunting solicitor Butt lands
Loynes, Robert Thurston solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner in chancery & commonlaw courts, & treasurer to the Wellsharbour commissioners Butt lands
Lynes, John master mariner Freeman street
Lynes, William deputy harbour master Freeman street
Lynn, William hairdresser & music seller Freeman street
Mack, John & Jonathan Thompson linen & woolen drapers High street
Mann, Ann (Mrs.) ironmonger High street
Mann, Francis baker & flour dealer Quay
Marriott, Robert corn merchant Quay
Marsh, Bircham master mariner Freeman street
Mason, John seedsman & gardener Theatre road
Massey, William butcher Church street
Massingham, John cooper Staithe street
Medwell, William bill poster Plumber's hill
Metcalfe, Robert butcher Staithe street
Mindham, William draper & grocer Freeman street
Moore, Samuel baker & grocer Church street
Morters, Matthew boot & shoe maker High street
Newson, Robert Leeder carpenter & confectioner High street
Nichols, Benjamin baker New road
Nisbet, Henry A. corn merchant Butt lands
O'Brien, Edward coast guard officer Theatre road
Oldman, Robert master mariner Freeman street
Palmer, Miles Edward beer retailer Quay
Park, Robert Vine High street
Parker, Henry master mariner Staithe street
Pentney, George watch maker High street
Piper, Sarah (Mrs.) shopkeeper Quay
Plattin, Robert Ramm painter & grainer Staithe street
Plattin, William carpenter Glebe
Plowman, George Arm & Son, cabinet makers High street
Powditch, Elizabeth (Mrs.) shopkeeper Freeman street
Powditch, Margaret (Miss) milliner Staithe street
Powditch, Thomas ship owner Quay
Provincial Banking Corporation Limited (Robert Rump, agent)draw on head office, 7 Bank buildings & Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co.London   Staithe street
Pyman, Joseph Royal Standard Quay
Rackham, George linen & woolen draper Staithe street
Ramm, Anna Maria (Mrs.) earthenware dealer Staithe street
Ramm, John Red Lion, & brewer Quay
Ramm, Mary (Mrs.) butcher & shopkeeper High street
Ransom, James day school Butt lands
Ransom, Robert grocer Freeman street
Reynolds, Robert shoe maker Theatre road
Rhodes, Robert beer retailer & carrier Freeman street
Richmond, Daniel beer retailer Freeman street
Ringwood, Robert plumber & beer retailer High street
Rix, Elizabeth (Mrs.) shopkeeper Freeman street
Rolfe, Walter railway inspector Theatre road
Rowe, Wigmore threshing machine proprieter Freeman street
Rump, Robert chemist & druggist Staithe street
Sarsby, Charles Eight Ringers High street
Seppings, John butcher Theatre street
Sexton, Robert Rayner Sailors' Home Freeman street
Shreeve, Jonathan Jolly Sailor Quay
Smith, Geo. & Frederick maltsters Quay & at East Dereham
Smith, James master mariner West end
Smith, John Railway hotel, & ship owner New road
Smith, Thomas master mariner West end
Smith, William Lord Nelson Quay
Smith, William shopkeeper Freeman street
Southgate, Francis wine & spirit merchant Butt lands
Southgate, Francis B. postmaster Staithe street
Southgate, Joseph Springall ship owner New road
Southgate, Sampson Three Tuns Quay
Sparks, Peter carpenter Church street
Spencer, Samuel Sun Quay
Spicer, Robert Globe family & commercial hotel & postinghouse, & auctioneer & estate agent Butt lands
Spinks, Thomas carpenter Quay
Spinks, William butcher Butt lands
Sturley, James beer retailer Staithe street
Tann, Mary (Mrs.) farmer Church street
Temple, William master mariner West end
Thomas, Robert grocer Freeman street
Thomas, William Howard lessee - gas works Mill lane
Thurgur, John shoe maker Staithe street
Thurgur, Thomas rope maker Church street
Thurgur, William earthenware dealer High street
Tye, George saddler Staithe street
Tyzack, Edward hairdresser & perfumer High street
Tyzack, Mary (Mrs.) fancy repository High street
Vincent, Patrick surgeon & registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Wells district Butt lands
Walker, Benoni farmer & railway contractor Burnt street
Warner, William shoe maker Glebe
Wayte, John tailor Freeman street
Webon, William tin plate worker High street
West, George baker Tinker's corner
Wharf & Son furriers Church street
Wharf, Alfred John Bowling Green Church street
Williamson, George baker Freeman street
Williamson, Joseph wheelwright Mill lane
Wilson, Uriah Holkham Arms West end
Wiseman, Susannah (Mrs.) straw bonnet maker Staithe street
Woodrow, William market gardener Staithe street
Woods, John & Son brass & iron founders, engineers & agricultural implement maker Glebe
Woods, William Christopher carpenter Theatre street
Young, Edward shopkeeper Church street

Description of Wells-next-the-Sea 1869

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