The 50 Kaitenz (ザ50回転ズ)

These guys are completely and utterly fucking brilliant. They play great rock'n'roll and they're incredibly funny too, even to someone with crap Japanese. Danny (guitar), Dory (bass) and Bogie (drums) make up a trio of pure awesome whose live shows are unbelievable. Here's a translation of their official profile.

"50 Kaitenz" means 50rpms. Faster than a record, see? But slower than a CD. Try saying "go-jew-kite-ends" fast and you'll be close.

Whatever. Just listen to the music. Most of the lyrics are in Japanese but it rocks in any language. They're fast, they're furious and their tunes stick faster than semi-dried snot.

Catching them live is the best. They've toured the US a few times and Oz once, done a show in Germany and a handful in China, but they mostly play in Japan.


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release the guys have remastered "Gya!!" and are rereleasing it with a bunch of extra tracks including the two demo CDs, and early videos as "50 Kaitenz no Gya!! +15"
On November 16th the CD+DVD (WPZL-31232/33) and CD only (WPCL-12441) came out in stores etc. The DVD version is limited so don't wait around.
The vinyl LP will, I gather, only be available at the shows starting November 29th.


December 2nd, Crazy Mama 2nd Room, Okayama
December 3rd, Fukuoka CB
December 7th, Apollo Base, Nagoya
December 9th, Sendai Park Square, Miyagi
December 11th, Sapporo Bessie Hall, Hokkaido
December 14th, Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo
December 18th, Juso Fandango, Osaka. SOLD OUT
December 24th, Club Massive, Osaka Extra!! KaitenSanta's R&R X'mas!!
Featuring opening act The Fujisans

December 31st, Countdown 16/17, Makuhari Messe, Chiba

Details on the 50 Kaitenz official website.


"Vinyl Change The World" (MGB-0002 CD) and (MGB-0003 45rpm single) - 2 tracks, released March the 9th, 2016.
"12" (MGB-0001) - 4 tracks, released March the 3rd, 2014.
"Do You Remember?" (AICL-2457~2458 with DVD) or (AICL-2459) - 6 tracks, released November the 28th 2012.
"Rock 'n' Roll Love Letter" (AICL-2340~2341 with DVD) or (AICL-2342) - 6 tracks, released February the 1st 2012.
"Rock 'n' Roll Sekairyokou" (AICL-2260) - 9 tracks, released July the 13th 2011.
"Rock 'n' Roll Magic" (AICL-2185~2186 with DVD) or (AICL-2187) - 6 tracks, released November the 17th 2010.
"50 Kaitenz no Bikkuri!!" (WPCL-10636) - 15 tracks, released January the 28th 2009.
"GeGeGe no Kitaro" (WPCL-10474) - 6 tracks (1-5 are different versions of the same song), released May the 21st 2008.
"Let's Go Sanbiki!!" (WPCL-10451) - 7 tracks, released February the 6th 2008.
"50 Kaitenz no Biribiri!!" (WPCL-10409) - 12 tracks, released June the 6th 2007.
"Money! Money!" (WPCL-10401) - 4 tracks, released May the 9th 2007.
"1-2-3-4!!" (WPCL-10379) - 5 tracks, released December the 6th 2006.
"50 Kaitenz no Gya!!" (WPCL-10251) - 13 tracks, released January the 18th 2006.



Romanised lyrics

These follow the lyric sheets pretty closely. Mostly. Note that they aren't translations. I'm not up to it! I have, however, started putting in some comments about what the songs are about etc. from time to time, so I'm just giving a general "possible bullshit" alert right here.
I should probably also explain that if things are in English on the lyric sheet I usually put them in italics (couldn't be bothered for 'Thank you for Ramones') and things in round brackets aren't off the lyric sheets. Also, romanisations aren't an exact science and I'm not always consistent in the way I do them. For those not familiar with how to read romanisations they're phonetic, which takes getting used to since English spelling really, really isn't. "Ai" is pronounce "eye", "ei" is as in "hey" and "ou" is a long "o" sound, not a long "u" sound. So "mou" sounds like "mow", not like "moo". Ganbare.

Taku Taku, Kyoto.

Left to right - Danny, Bogie and Dory.

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