Live Houses

"Live house" is a Japanese term for a music venue. They vary greatly in size and qualities.

My main problem with live houses has been finding them, so as a public service I post up photos and directions for those I've been to, as well as links to the home sites.

The other information I provide is rather idiosyncratic. I love beer, therefore I usually note what's available. I love beer and jumping up and down, therefore I tend to get a bit concerned about the availability of toilets. I use this site more than anyone so what's important to me gets posted. Live with it. Or if you can't go here for a simple, alphabetical listing.

After a while the page got too clumsy so I've divvied the venues up by city and/or prefecture and I've recently decided to stop being so damned parochial and now there are pages for live houses beyond Kinki. Beyond Kinki. I like the sound of that.

Tomorrow the world.

Currently painstakingly following a friend's advice and eventually each page will have my local fave at the top, where appropriate, and everything else listed alphabetically below.

A bit of general information.
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