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I am an innovator/designer, graphic artist, and writer, 64 years of age, with interests such as motorcycling, kayaking, science fiction, history, computers, video, aviation, wood-working, etc.

Married, with no children, I presently share a house with my wife of 19 years one hour to the west of Brisbane, Australia.

Late in the Twentieth Century I was forced to sell my last remaining motorcycle, a Moto Guzzi 850-T which I had for 20 years. Since I started riding in 1967, I had owned 12 machines ranging from 65cc to 850cc. Apart from one Four, they had been either singles or twins - and 5 of them were shaft-driven.  About 2005 I returned to two-wheels with a Yamaha YP400 Majesty maxiscooter.  Following that, I briefly tried a Honda VT750C Shadow, before finally settling on my present mount; a Suzuki Burgman Exec maxiscooter, in early 2009.  It was due to the 54HP produced by this vehicle that I decided on aquiring a trailer to tow behind, that so as to be able to transport loads too bulky for a solo motorcycle to handle safely.

           My first computer, acquired in late 1982, was a Commodore C-64. This computer was the Model-T or VW Beetle of home computers - delivering more for less money, and outselling the competition to boot! One third of the price of a Apple II, and a quarter of the price of an IBM PC-XT; it had full screen text-editing, 16 colour screen, 3 voice sound sophisticated enough to reproduce the human voice. A GUI called Geos was eventually to appear for it. A system called "Computer-Eyes" enabled low resolution video-grabs to be captured and displayed on it. (My first digital Video-titling was done in BASIC on the C-64, and recorded to VHS.) The C-64 was to be in production, in one form or another, for more than 12 years and sell somewhere between 13 and 18 million units. There is an interface/web-browser named Contiki assisting C-64 users to get onto the Net!

   Obtained my first domestic video camera in 1983. In that era home systems were all generally 'separates' - that is ... the recorder was a sepatate unit to the camera. My camera was a National brand unit resembling a 8mm movie camera in shape that connected to a heavy portable VCR that could be carried by shoulder strap. I recorded my first Wedding Video in the later half of 1983, I think.  In 1990 I was using a full-sized S-VHS camcorder, and for the course of five years shot and produced wedding videos for various clients.

   Amiga days

My next serious computer upgrade was up to the Amiga platform in late 1988. (to be continued)

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site author's home

Location: Plainland, Lockyer District, S.E. Qld, Australia
Semi-rural Residential
Sloping 1.5 acre block with residence & sheds,
just slightly north from the Warrego Highway.
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