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   (Webpage still under re-construction) This site's original version was uploaded late 2000 or early 2001.  It had been coded with Dreamweaver during a series of Web Authorship classes, and later finished off with hand-coding and image-creation on an Amiga A2000HD 060 computer with Dial-up connection.  About 2002, further site maintenance was performed with an AmigaOne G4 XE (ASDL) first running Linux, and later still- Amiga OS4.0Pre.   The main content of this site will be shared between Amiga information (most of it historical), and various topics relating to transportation.

           M-CYCLE TRAILER - This section describes my motorcycle-drawn trailer, based on an Easy Trailer 830TA, which  at this stage is still a work in progress.  The kit was manufactured by Taiwan-based company Long Chih, and is similar to the 48" x 40" trailer kit currently sold by Harbor Freight in the USA.  I strongly suspect that the original example was manufactured in the US, and distributed by Northern Tools some 40+ years ago.

   ARTIST is concerned with history and art created by M. H. Klumpp, spouce of the webpage author, which  mainly  followed the year 2002.  Presently her artwork is produced in the Lockyer Region where the lifestyle  is  more laid-back.  Many art events are hosted at presentation sites, and regional shows, in this area throughout each year.

   EMAIL allows contact with either artist M. H. Klumpp, or even other email addresses of your own choosing.  The contact MailTo form for this site's author can be found near the bottom of the LINKS webpage itself. 

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Location: Plainland, Lockyer District, S.E. Qld, Australia
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Sloping 1.5 acre block with residence & sheds,
just slightly north from the Warrego Highway.
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