Camping with Wayne and Suzanne

Suzanne and I have both camped since early childhood and enjoy going to places away from the maddening crowds.

Most of our travel throughout Australia has been camping road trips either by tent or camper trailer.Our road trips over the last few years have included:
  • The Northern Territory
  • Southern New South Wales Coast
  • Northern New South Wales Coast
  • Southern Western Australia
  • Southwest Queensland
  • Birdsville and Innaminka
  • Far North Queensland

Prior to these trips our photos are not digital.

Also during the warmer months we also like to get away several times a year for camping and fishing weekends in Tasmania.

During a trip camping to Central Australia in 2001, using our pyramid tent, we struggled a bit in some bad weather. While on the trip we saw several camper trailers, the more we saw the more wanted one.

After getting home Wayne started to research what was availbale and the cost. Even then the number of choices was astounding, the decision about soft floor and hard floor, size, features of the trailer and tent were extremely difficult to make for the novice buyer with a very limited budget.

The decision became easier following a visit to a supermarket one day, where I ran into a guy I used to work with, and during the discussion discovered he had a friend with a camper trailer which was on the market. So off we went to have a look and purchased the Trakshak.

Since then we have owned a range of different campers and recently switched to a caravan to make camping in Southwest Tasmania more comfortable. The campers include:
  • Trakshak, Decemeber 2002 - November 2009
  • Cameron Camper, November 2009 - May 2014
  • Elite Motorcycle Camper, April 2013 - sold September 2017
  • Pioneer Camper, April 2014 - August 2016
  • Supreme caravan August 2016 - current

Lake Tinaroo FNQ
Esperance WA
Lake Peddar Tasmania