Activities needing some
Building and Making

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Read About Some Interesting Inventors/Inventions

Try These
Invention Playhouse

Interactive: Cloud Dreamer Interactive: Puzzle Blocks
Interactive: Tinker Ball Interactive: Word Play

A different site where you have to invent a machine to move a ball across a field using a machine you need to invent. Great fun and like the game "Incredible Machine".

BBC TechLab
Build Your Own Robot
If you want to see other projects with interactive things to go, go here


A fantastic site with lots of design games
Here are 2
Zander's Lab
Build your own metallic buddy.

Kiki's Dream Room
Design your own room.


LEGO Club - Games -

Really Great Lego Tasks
Junkbot 1
Test your LEGO building skills! Can you build bridges, stairs, walls and other LEGO constructions to help out a garbage-loving robot? Junkbot has to collect all the trash in a dangerous factory... but if you can get him through sixty tricky puzzle levels, you'll join other Junkbot masters in the Hall of Fame!
Junkbot 2 Undercover 
Test your LEGO Building Skills! Junkbot is back and now he's going undercover to investigate the mysterious Project X! You'll have to build bridges, stairs, walls and more to keep him from getting caught by the guardbots and help him find all the trash cans in the underground facility.

Maths Cats
A brilliant Maths site  In particular, try this!


A Lego-style building game.

Create anything you like using shapes other than Lego bricks.

The Following Sites Come From
To Use them you must click on the blue links.

This online RPG is the companion game to the Galidor television and
show and action figure line.

Choreograph an Ice Skating routine, cook up some Magic Spells and dress the Witch in this
collection of winter-themed Belville games.

A collection of flash games and activities.
Sorting, matching and dress-up games, plus an interactive fairytale.

Click here> LEGO :: DINOQUEST
A more adventure oriented dinosaur game.
Switch between 4 different dinosaur species and make your way through 4 different environments, each with its own challenges and objectives.

Click here> Dino Dig 2
Dino Dig tasks players to reconstruct fossilized dinosaur skeletons.

Click here> New York Philharmonic :: KIDZONE
Make Your Own Music

The site features many music games and activities here

Click here>  Block Corner
In Block Corner, players create blocks and move them using a simple scripting language. A learning tool used worldwide for kids all ages.
Click here> Little Robots
Stretchy's Junkyard and Sporty's Obstacle Course are two game activities created for Little Robots, an animated program produced by the BBC.
BBC games are here and are different and excellent.
Click here> Baby's Bedroom
In Baby's Bedroom, an interior design game, players paint, pattern, and customize every aspect of each baby's room.
Click here> Make a Crazy Dog In this game, created for Berkeley Breathed, players create flawed but lovable canines with the one and only Flawed-Dog-o-Matic 3000.


Wacky Tales
Allow the computer to make a story for you after you have added some words.
Lots of different sites and tale makers at my sites here  or  here.


Vector Park

One you may like to try!


Design A Room :-
Room Makers
Great site for designing rooms and houses using blueprints
Design Your Own Classroom Layout
Graphical Modelling - design your classroom

Design a Room
More detail here
Kiki's Dream Room

A wonderful site. Try It!
Design your house plan blueprints online with smallblueprinter, then take a 3D walk through your design.

Design Your Dream Garden
Design your dream garden online - drag - drop - print .... your new garden design.
Design a garden from the BBC

Design an ICT Suite

Soda Play :

Construction Of  Weird Moving "Things"!


Make A Face

1. With This One click the dot to choose the thing to add.

Then click on the apple where you want to put it.
2. Make or Dress Different Things
3. Art - Practicing Portraits
Try creating a portrait on this page. Wait until all the pictures appear below, then drag them onto the face to make a funny face or a realistic portrait. (Your Web browser must support Java.) When you're done, go learn more about portraits or how to draw your own!



A Digital Building Toy
You need to read the directions!


Making Card-Paper Models. OFFLINE !
Print and Make
Lots Of Things To Make Off Line!

Additional model sites in my web pages here and here


Build a structure, then add characters and set their behaviour.


Web Sites With Community Activities
1. Mamamedia Is wonderful!
2.  - make a website free here.
Go To "Building" on the Top Menu at Alfy


Music Makers

Find out whose sound you like the best. Who has the highest, lowest, softest, strongest sound?
Click at the same tempo and see if you feel like walking. Which sound is good to hear at the end?

2. Try the "record" and "play" button, and see how they work.
3. Play your favourite tune! Create your own melody!
The squirrels will love your music!

You are the Big Scale Musician!
Other Pianos To Play


Build A Bridge Project

Build a train set online. 


The City Creator    Make A City Using The City Creator


Light Puzzle
Excellent Puzzle - move the lenses to bend the light and hit the target.
A similar game but perhaps harder. Solve the puzzles by moving the tiles around and flipping the beam splitters. For detailed instructions, click on the "Show Help".


An interesting simulation where you have to build and program a car on a track.


Lots Of Building and Making Activities

You Need To Do A Search. Use These Key Words

"build" "make" Try This


"Prongo" Has Building Games
Make a Dinosaur Park Game at
Create Your Own Fish Tank at


Create Your Own Play
Choose stars and assign their lines, then click the "Create My Scenario" button to see your work

Film Making

Digital Films
Ultra Bug  Make your own movie


Virtual Pets
Lots of links
1. Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi are small alien creatures from the planet Tamagotchi. Carry them around with you and how well you care for them affects what type of adult your Tamagotchi grows up to be.
2. Virtual Fish Tank [ needs Shockwave]
Design your own fish and release it into your personal virtual fish tank. You can also send it to the "public" fish tank to see what effect it has on the ecology.
3. Adopt Me
Adopt and care for a virtual pet of your choice in a virtual village. Take them walks, watch them perform tricks, feed it, bath it and you can even take it to the vet. Reward it too.

4. Neopets - perhaps the best known. Has great games. Win to help your pet.
Create and care for your virtual pet online. Once you have chosen, customised and named your pet, you need to earn play money to provide for your pet.
Earn money by collecting interest from the bank, trading and winning online games.

5. Power Pets

Same as the others. You need your parents to help you sign in!

6. Millipede Madness
Make a colourful millipede grow and virtually follow you.

Great Doll Making Pages

Dress up Pages
Diva Maker - bright and colourful
Some Doll Makers for younger kids
If you find better site, please let me know and I will add them here. Thanks.

Creative Art Projects
Online colouring book, e-cards to make and much more.
Block Art
Create a graphic design using nothing more than the mouse imagination and "Eraser" by Michael French.
Museum of Web Art/Kids Wing

Grades 1–8: Art/Mathematics

Funny Shapes
Geometric shapes are the essence of many drawings, even cartoons. Use a variety of shapes and learn to draw.

Learn How to Cartoon With Kat

Grades 4–8: Art

It's a Crime! A great Game.
A colourless man enters an art gallery where you're  visiting and robs the place of all its colour. Can you apply colour theory to solve the crime?
Colour Theory vs. Dr. Gray and his Dechromatizer
There Is Lots Of Other Great Art Activities On This Site Here
Make Your Own Books
Comic Book - print only
Make Your Own Activity Books - lots of choices
Online Craft Studio
Make your own animated clay pot from scratch; play with mud and other fun things.


Learn to Type

Interactive, FUN Things To Do In Maths

Turtle Graphic Programming
- great programming games






Year k - 2  – Change variables to observe differences in spiral designs.
Turtle Graphics
Tracing Borders - 5 To Do?
Lots Of Mazes To Do
Year 3 - 5
Ladybug Leaf – Program a ladybug to hide behind a leaf.
Ladybug Mazes – Program a ladybug to move through a maze.
Try These - There Are Some Different Activities

Turtle Graphics  Yr 5 - 7
– Use all seven Chinese puzzle pieces to make shapes and solve problems.
Build a Neighbourhood.
Choices are
: farm, house, building site, castle
Try your hand at designing your own virtual robot, and then put it to the test in one of our hazard-filled Zones! If that's too easy, build your own Zone or download one designed by other users.

Chat with Bots - robots you can talk to

Create an animation
Create your own animations online a email them
NASA Simulations - Great design projects

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