More Cartoon Dolls' Sites

Please remember that you are not permitted to fill in forms.
That means no typing your email address!
Also NEVER give out your real name ....... use a make-up name!
Also, never give out any details about yourself including your school name.

Finally, do not "surf" away from the sites listed. If you don't like what you see or if you have suggestions, please let me know.
The whole Diva Star scene.

The whole Zodiac Girl thing is here. Quite a bit to do

Alligator Boogaloo
Quite a site - full of activities. When you go there, don't forget to use the arrows.

Tony Takes You
A great site with really nice activities

Totally Spies
An other site with games and activities to do

Links and reviews

Try On Hairstyles


A really funny face maker from "Nick"
An interesting aquarium maker and fish maker you can
visit whenever you log on!

Polly Pocket Site

Here you can decorate parts of Polly Pocket's house - where do you want to go?
Here you can decorate Polly Pocket's Room

A site for you to make a funny face
Lots of ads. Wait until the game load before you click anything.

One of my favourite sites
Choose a head and make the face. A bit of a different face though!
Another Alfy site

Baby's Bedroom
I love this site ....... the music clip is great fun

A Disney special! Stanley - Animal Scenes
Click on the menu, the one called "Activities", then choose an animal.

Another Disney page Create Your Own Clayroom flashed
Create a room, then print out a coloring page of the room you've created.

At this Disney Site, the dog judges the fashion!!

Another brilliant site
Decorate Wimzie's living room.


Strawberry Short Cake
Another really nice site for kids
Click on Berry Fun to find Sticky Stickers. Cute!

City Creator
This is one of my most fav. sites.  Make a city here

This is also a fantastic site. When you are sick of this activity, you must go to mamamedia.

Sunny Kids Play
You click on "Create-a-scene", five scenes to create.
I like this site as it also has some nice games.

   A Special Site. Go There!

An excellent Lego site.
Excellent game from Lego: people, animals, furniture. Lots of fun! But you need to sign in and get a password. Remember, never use your last name.

"Clikits" - A great site with lots to make and do.

Friendship Bracelet maker

A Lego-style building game.
Create anything you like using shapes other than Lego bricks.

Billy Bear 4 Kids
If you like bear stories you will have fun here.
A cute doll house for bear lovers from the Billy Bear web site


A Flower Shop .... try different arrangements

Garden Design

I really love this one as you can design your own garden. Select the colour and click. This gives you the colour which you then select as many of, as you want.


Design A Room :- Room Makers
Design Your Own Classroom Layout
Kiki's Dream Room

Design A Room

Small Blue Printer
A wonderful site. Try It!
Design your house plan blueprints online with smallblueprinter, then take a 3D walk through your design
Design your dream garden online - drag - drop - print .... your new garden design.

Make A Face

1. With This One click the dot to choose the thing to add.

Then click on the apple where you want to put it.
2. Make or Dress Different Things. This is an excellent site.
3. Art - Practicing Portraits
Try creating a portrait on this page. Wait until all the pictures appear below, then drag them onto the face to make a funny face or a realistic portrait. (Your Web browser must support Java.) When you're done, go learn more about portraits or how to draw your own!


Build a structure, then add characters and set their behaviour.

A cat's room

Time to move in - click and drag the furniture where you want it.

Barbie Outstanding Site.
A great puzzle game where you have to put the puzzle together

Dress Barbie and her friends

Princess dress up

Kellie Dress Up

Barbie needs a make-over for a fashion shoot

Design your own Barbie

Radio Disney Pop Dreamers

Three dolls to dress up: Gabrielle, Ella and Ari.

5 Sindy activities

Dress up The French Toast Girl


This is a really fun doll with lots of clothes and accessories to choose from. Great Stuff.

By Wayne
Sept 2003



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