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General Sites

Christmas Literature, Poetry and Stories
The sights and sounds of Christmas have been captured in literature, poetry and
stories throughout the years and are now part of our annual celebrations.

Christmas Stories
Christmas stories from the Children\'s Literature Web Guide.

My Merry Christmas
Christmas stories, hymns, games and an Advent Calendar.

Aussie Christmas Stories & Poems
Christmas stories and poems with an Australian Flavour.

Virtual Christmas Tree Farm
Tour a Christmas Tree farm, learn about the history of Christmas Trees and
complete the Christmas Activities.

International Advent Calendar
Click on the presents to find out about Christmas around the world.

Christmas Stories and Poems
Large collection of poems and stories related to Christmas.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Serialised story about Santa.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
A classic holiday story that is beloved by generation after generation.

Meet Santa Claus and the elves and discover the Christmas traditions in Santa
Claus\' unique Internet Television Channel in Lapland.

Santa Claus Online
Send a letter to Santa, hear him talk or join the Elf Club.

Lessons General

Christmas Funsheets
Large collection of worksheets related to Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas
Craft ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Australian Christmas Stamps
Each year, the Australia Post issues special holiday stamps so Australians can
mail greeting cards at a reduced rate. Design an original warm-weather Christmas

Letters to Santa
Older and younger students will work cooperatively in using listening and
writing skills, and learning proper procedure for mailing letters.

K-2 Sites

Santa\'s Secret Village
Read along stories and craft activities from Santa\'s village.

Billy Bear Christmas
Online Christmas Jigsaw.
Visit Santaland and have lots of fun.

Build A Snowman
Build a snowman online with this Java Applet.

BlackDog\'s Christmas Puzzles
Choose a Christmas puzzle from this page to play on-line, or download a jigsaw
to play off-line.

Decorate the Christmas Tree
Use your mouse to move the ornaments and lights around to decorate the tree.

Lessons K-2

Christmas Treasure Hunt
Online treasure hunt with Joey. Can you help him find out all about Christmas?

Webquest: My Christmas
Design a Christmas the way you would like it to be. In order to do this you will
need to investigate how Christmas is celebrated in other parts of the world.

Christmas Maths
Counting down the days before Christmas.

Debbie\'s Unit Factory: Christmas
Lessons, links, recipes and craft activities related to Christmas.

Christmas Tree Tangle
This lesson introduces students to rhyming words. Students will recognize
rhyming words and will form their own.

3-4 Sites

Christmas Down Under

Christmas Jokes and Riddles
Test yourself with thes Christmas riddles.

Name the Reindeer
In each box, select the correct name of an actual reindeer.

Reindeer Facts
Read facts about real reindeer.

Mixed Up Christmas Words
Santa asked the elves to sit down at the block table and make a list of 10
Christmas words using the blocks with the alphabet on them.

Missing Christmas Words
Fill in the blanks using the words supplied.

Christmas Around The World
Visit over 30 different countries and see how they celebrate Christmas.

Lessons 3-4

Christmas Worksheets
Various worksheets for Christmas activities.

Festive Season Activities
These pages have been designed for Lower -Middle Primary school students as
pre-Christmas activities on and off-line.

Merry Christmas from BlackDog
Large range of puzzles related to Christmas.

Christmas Around the World
Students create a presentation about how Christmas is celebrated in the country
of their choice.

Finding Your Spot in the World
Introduces students to maps, location and movement than to see exactly where
their house is located and where their ancestors have lived.

5-6+ Sites

Christmas: A Multicultural Festival
This article  discusses the changing face of Christmas; its origins, its
traditions, and its future; and how Australians celebrate Christmas.

Catholic Encyclopaedia: Christmas
Origins of the word Christmas and history of the celebration.

How Christmas Works
Answers many different questions related to Christmas.

A Victorian Era Christmas
Links to sites about how Christmas used to be. Also includes lots of other
useful links.

A Brief History of Santa
Santa has not always appeared the way we think of him today. The first
well-known gift giver was a true person, St. Nicholas.

Christmas Around the World
Links to sites explaining how Christmas is celebrated in various countries.

A Child\'s Christmas in Wales
Story written by Dylan Thomas

A Christmas Carol
Story by Charles Dickens

Of Course There Is A Santa
Virginia writes to a newsletter to ask if Santa is real. The letter and reply is
printed here.

Yule in Iceland
Welcome to Iceland and the Yule Traditions and Yule Lore found here.

Merry Christmas in 100 Languages
Find out how merry christmas is said in 100 different countries.

How Christmas Lights Work
Christmas lights are a big part of the holiday season. Have you ever wondered
how these lights work?

Celebrating December
Information about several December celebrations from a variety of cultures.

Lessons 5-6

Interactive Christmas Stories
Fill in the blanks of the form and then click to see your own personalized
Christmas Story.

Wilstar\'s Christmas Quiz
Just read each question and click on the button in front of your answer. The
computer will keep score for you.

Santa\'s Elf Spreadsheet
Students create a Christmas shopping spreadsheet.

Christmas Between the Lines
Have students write a short story about Christmas without using any of the words
you list on the board.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Creative writing exercise describing the consequences of having all these gifts
around twelve days.

\'Twasn\'t the Night Before Christmas
In this lesson students first describe and identify the elements that make up
particular writers\' styles.

Teacher Reference

Christmas At Alphabet Soup
Click on the candy canes below or the links at the bottom of the page to visit
our fun-filled Christmas activities.

Printable Advent Calendar
Christmas tree ornaments for each day of Advent.

Koala\'s Christmas
Information on Christmas in Australia, recipes, traditions, games and crafts.

Christmas Cookies
Recipes, cookbooks, and cooks tools! All you need for the most memorable
Christmas cookies ever.

Christmas Freebies
collection of yuletide freebies, including gifts, samples, digital holiday
cards, freebies for children, and free Christmas software.

Christmas Art, Craft & Fun
Links to sites related to Christmas Art and Craft.

Christmas Crafts
These crafts projects use materials found around the house, like egg cartons,
cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc.

Abigail\'s Christmas Crafts for Kids
Collection of Christmas Craft Activities.

Crafts for Christmas
Large list of Christmas craft ideas.

Christmas Crafts
Free patterns for the Christmas season with complete instructions.

Songs Of The Season
Sing along with these carols or listen to them.

Christmas Recipes
Christmas menus, recipes, baking hints and party tips.
Central site for making donations to charities for Christmas appeals.

Australian Red Cross Christmas Appeal
Every year, every day, every hour, thousands of people depend on Australian Red
Cross volunteers.

Barnardos Australia
Barnardos is Australia\'s leading children\'s charity providing services which
successfully help prevent and reverse the effects of abuse, neglect and
homelessness on children and young people.

Salvation Army
Ecumenical Christian Charity.

Provides 24-hour telephone counselling services to Australians.

St Vincent de Paul Society
The St Vincent de Paul Society\'s 40,000 members and volunteers work hard to
assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

Anglicare Australia
National Network of care and social justice agencies of the Anglican church.

Christian Children\'s Fund
CCF Australia works in partnership with these children and their communities to
reduce poverty and give hope for a better future.

World Vision
International charity for children.

Christmas Around the World - A Christmas Play

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