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Design Brief For Web Pages

How To Create A Web Page

Before creating your webpage, you should understand some basic copyright issues. You should be familiar with fair use and citing resources. Often you will find sites that post graphics that you can use to make your webpage visually attractive. It is important that if required, you give credit for those graphics that you are using. By citing where you found the images used on your webpage, you are helping the creator of those images spread the word about their resources that they've developed or collected.
Some artists will let you use their graphics on your website with no link. Carefully read the terms that they've made about using the graphics on your webpage. If you are in doubt, add a link back to the artist's website, so others may benefit from using the resources that you've found.
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To check if the colours work or to find a colour you like, go to

A Variety of Backgrounds - Some have pictures down the side of the page.  Like the one below!

 Pictures down the side lots here in other headings too.

An Australian Collection

Absolutely All You Need
In Background Textures.   All free to use as public

domain listings.

All the Colours and Textures -backgrounds are at the bottom of the list

My Favourite Sites For Links

Nice Textured Backgrounds

Lots Of School Type Backgrounds and ClipArt

Huge List Of Background Sites

A Huge List of Links

Another List

Animated Gifs

Fantastic list of free to use public domain items

Animation Factory

Animated Gifs

The Best List Of Animated Gifs By Far

Alphabetical List


Great List - Animals, Animated, Fonts, Maps, Flags, Space, Webpage Elements, Links, Seasons - Gander Academy.


Beautiful 3D ClipArt


Kids Domain School


Brilliant Animated ClipArt - including great cartoons


Wonderful List Of Animations- the best is that you can edit them!

Great Kids Clipart Site -Lots Of Themes

ClipArt Links

The Clipart Universe

Lots Of ClipArt Sites With Rank and Comments

Barry's Clipart Site

Copyright friendly images for education

Awesome Clipart for Kids


Try This Great Site

Has Lots Of Excellent Gear Including Backgrounds & Buttons. Easy To Navigate And Fast!

Cool Graphics - lots of good stuff

Nice clipart for school projects etc.
Say no to Binary download!

Colour Schemes


Cool Text - has flaming text as well as other types.

Flaming Text

3D Text Comes From

When You Save This Use The "gif' ending. ie picturename.gif

All Kinds Of Heading Tools etc

Image Editing Tools

Lots more Links
Clipart for Kids - has these headings
Animals || Animated GIFs || Fonts || Religious Holidays
Maps || Flags || Space || Webpage Elements
Other Clipart Lists

Make And Cloth People


Lots more at    Cartoon Dolls | More Cartoon Dolls

Lots more Links

#1 Free Clip Art
Over 10.000 free clip art images in over 300 categories.

Great stuff including photos at the True Colour Site

Backgrounds from  

Text Headings from
Graphics from

Fantastic Basic Graphics ..... Royalty Free
Free Stock Photos

ClipArt and multimedia content

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