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The Microsoft clipart sites. 

A site with a vast amount of links - some of the are graphics      newindex

School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids - Clipart for educational purposes

truecolour - images for design 

Awesome clipart for kids 

Bob's Place of Educational Links...Teacher Resources...

Clip Art for "Drawings are designed to be culturally and linguistically neutral as much as possible"
Clip Art Collection for FL instruction


Free Clipart and Worksheets

Smiley Face Graphics at Kurrus.Net

Free Teacher Clip Art!

School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids - Clipart for educational purposes A huge resource

AAA - Backgrounds - Free Backgrounds !!

Christmas Trees - Animations, Graphics, Gifs

Graphics and Other Images

Kids Domain - Clip Art

School Clipart

Website Graphics

The Free Graphics Store's Archives

Tons of Graphics, Images, Photos, clipart, animations, pics!

Yahoo! Directory Graphics - Clip Art

Web Background Graphics for Educators and Others

Cool Archive

Cartoon Critters

Free clipart graphics animations

Free graphics and clipart

For more links, try a search using Google with the terms +free +clipart schools teach* kids
Fantastic Basic Graphics ..... Royalty Free
Free Stock Photos
ClipArt and multimedia content

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ESL-  bits and pieces

This may be a good site ffor you to help those whosw English is a second language
Fun with Words & Sentences for ESL Students

Games and Puzzles 

ESL resources flashcardsactions

Neuroscience for Kids - Worksheets more ESL

Lots of language teaching resources here. resources here. Some ESL?
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