Adventure Games

From the ABC
Put together mutants.  - read the directions!
The wonderful ABC and "Chasm". Good luck!

Three adventure games from Anodeetcathode.  
Click in the direction you want to go.
An adventure game set in a museum.
An adventure game set in a house
An adventure game set in an office.

A story created by kids for kids - you can add to this story if you wish!

An excellent Alice in Wonderland interactive adventure.
Please Note: This interactive web site uses both Java and Javascript for many of the activities. Please make sure your web browser is Java enabled!

"Scholastic Books" have lots of games for you to play. Try "Enter The House"

Universal Studio's site for kids.

Lots of adventure games at this site - you have to register. Don't use your last name ever.

Lots of games here. All free to play at this time. Loading can take a while on dial-up.

Quite a list of games. Type and quality variable though.

A fun logic game. Great graphics!


Lots here too. Mostly graphic titles.

An excellent site with great games including 2 versions of Colossal Cave. One graphic assisted. Watch the ads in amongst the programs though!

A huge collection of 97 "flash" games.

Nice site with introduction for the site's games.

An adventure about "Sir Chainmail"

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