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A huge list of games

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Some really different board games. Use different equipment.
Battleships - Board Games
A big list
CHECK!  A colourful variety of chess and draught games
Some great games
1. Slider - hard 2. Easy To Hard here. 3. Lots of puzzles here -a great site.
Tower of Hanoi
Breakout - lots of levels

Rubic's Cube
Rubic's Cube    Rubic's Cube 2

Other Games of Skill

Lots Of Puzzles

Match the shape

Concentration Easy To Hard.

Peg Solitaire hard one  

A fun Game
moving marbles Another good one

Logic puzzles 
1  2  3 More puzzles 1

Bridges is a fun game. The object is for you create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom. Click on a blank space to add a bridge to your line or to block the computer's progress. Another game of Bridges Here
Fun Ranch
Fenced In
Try "Fence" and stretch the "elastic" bands.
Take turns building fences! This is a version of the old "dots" game. You can play against the computer, or you can find a friend and try the two-player mode.

Draughts 1 , Draughts 2
A colourful variety of chess and draughts games  - fantastic

Snakes and Ladders
Snakes And Ladders

Connect Four
Connect Four
, another site, Connect Four - site 3 Site 4 here

Naughts and Crosses
Naughts And Crosses 1 , Different Levels Here 2 , Different Levels

Here 3
, Change The Board Size Here 4, Amazing! 5 , Same again

Lots of different kinds of grid games fantastic!


Mastermind -find the coloured pegs in their order. Another here.

Different Levels

Magic squares
Much Harder Ones


Board Games - look for the menu down the side of the page. Called "All Aboard"

Great site

Google Search Term

My other "Activity" pages have lots more. eg. Try "R-5 Games"

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