Games 3-7

Some great games

Bonus - This site is clearly one of the top sites for all kinds of activities.
Family Games
Draughts type Board Games
Board Games of all kinds

Pop Cap - a great site

A few good arcade games here

Prongo is an excellent site with games for kids 3 - 6, 6 - 9,  9 - 12 years - lots of games here. You don't have to log in to do the games. Look at the menu down the side of the page.

An outstanding site. Much better than most.

I love this school site from Queensland. Great games here

Games for years 2 - 6 and also 6+ Great site!

I love these sites. Go there.

Great site

Yahoo Games


Game Scene

Some learning games


National Geographic

Some good links here!

Vector Park

Look At Bits And Pieces

Nice games here

Biggest And Best?

Warner Brothers Games

Lots Of Java Games  even includes a web page maker.

Lots of links for kids

Educational Games

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