Great Sites For School Kids To Have Fun 

Games Pages

Kids Play Park - Games and Ecards

Dredo - Games, Jokes. E-cards etc Home Page

All the Games

Ed By Design - Some Easy School Games

Bry-Back Manor Sites
A fantastic site. Note that the "funstuff" downloads are for MAC only. However, there are "Two Hundred and Sixty-five Activity Pages Here!

Billy Bear For Kids

Pitara - online colouring in 0nline.
Has lots of other games too. Some for "Juniors"


ABC Teach has Colour In Pages - with different themes and lots of other goodies to do. Go there it's excellent.

Lots Of Great Activities -click on the one you like.

A Game A Day - Quite hard!

Fun and challenging word games and puzzles for ages 9-99  Has 2 levels.

All Kinds Of Things To See And Do -click on the one you like

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Lots Of Things To Do Including a huge list of links

Brilliant Site Up to ten site. Go there at or

You Can Even make Your Own Maze Here.

Beatrix Potter - take the Mouse over the page to find things to do.

This site is called "Bits and Pieces" Puzzles - but some are hard

The Game Called "Labarynth" You MUST read the rules

Try These hard Jigsaws

PBS Site - lots of good games

The Cartoon Network Games - all kinds with all your favourites.


Sony Games site


Manic maze - get out if you can

Write Some wacky stories using the guides to help!

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