Choose Your Adventure - that is to say, "Text Adventures"

This is the reference site for searching for interactive fiction games on

Another site with lots

Try some.
Some games - 8 in all. Some with Java versions to play online. You can download them if you wish to save.

An Excellent Set Of Interactive Games

Rogue - maybe the original graphical adventure game.
Explore the maze, fight the monsters, collect gold as you go.
All the characters are represented by letters of the alphabet


Mini Zork

Colossal Cave



Hero Machine for You To Make Your Own Hero

Virtual Cave - inside a real cave


Wheel Of Fortune

Banja - players Explore a Magical Island

Australian kids made one of these

Send a postcard

Lego - Fantastic Adventure Games
For download only

A few other interactive sites. - The Garden [ Kids ] - online interactive adventure.
Play as a
guest so you do not have to log in.

Build a neighbourhood
Use the machines and objects. Make great sounds

Daniel Cook Site

Up to Ten
Lots of games

An adventure games spotter

Make Signs - A Warning Label Generator and others

An online Spirograph generator

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