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A fantastic maze with 9 levels. Java and online. Good luck!  - see if you can get through these non Java, printable mazes.

The best site I have seen for mazes.

Maze Makers
Do you want to make up your own mazes? Try this site here.

Another Great Maze Maker

Lots of maze makers listed here at Teacher Tools Site

Mazes To Do ONLINE

Look for Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes at the page bottom.

Mazes you need to print. Easier!

Mazes, mazes and more mazes.  If you like mazes, this is the spot for you.  Play one of the on-line java applet mazes, or print out and play one of BlackDog's Print and Play mazes.  Enjoy!

Online maze game ... navigate the passages.

Another navigation maze .... these are the directions

Can You Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle? Move from room to room in this maze of an old building, looking for the clues that will help you solve the puzzle.

Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes

A set of logic mazes - can you solve them all? 

Looks simple. But Isn't. A colour path maze at the Louisiana Children's Museum site.

Logic mazes - each maze has its own rules. Some are hard!

The craze maze. Online maze games.  Over a thousand mazes with selectable, 3D themes. Mazes changed periodically.

Very difficult! Lots to choose from!


Lots of mazes of different shapes to print - called "Maze Box"

Segovia Mazes - the one I looked at was quite hard.

Very difficult! Lots to choose from!

Puzzle and Maze Tools

A huge number of mazes. Try one with your name.
Note that they all must be downloaded.

More printable mazes

Same site with links to online mazes

An interactive online maze to do using your computer

Click mazes
Would this have the most mazes?

Plank Puzzles [mazes]

Computer made mazes

Really hard mazes to print

Mazes for the younger kids - 3+ , 4+ , 5+

Afunk site

Amazeworld - Collection of interactive web mazes, stories where your choices affect the outcome

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