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A complete "How To" at:-
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 Story Boards;1048821713

Some samples and ideas to use.

Some graded ideas and activities in various subject levels

Some more activities and graded

Some templates

Templates, tutorials, resource


I am currently trialling a Digital Portfolio system based on Inspiration - after review I preferred it to other options as it is simple to start up and allows the teacher to develop a template initially.  AS students become more proficient they can personalise it.  Because it is based on a visual layout, with pictures and symbols, many children who are ESL or struggling can also have great results.  There is great room for extension as well.
The final product can be converted and saved as html. Which then can be used on an intranet or internet, as well as copied to a CD with browser interface.
A very elementary sample is at:-
Under Templates heading/ Digital portfolios.

 Kidspiration - Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Kidspiration Lessons

This PDF file has lots of ideas for Kidspiration teachers can use

Graphic Organizer  - an index of a variety of graphic organisers

 Kidspiration Interactive Demo See first hand how Kidspiration® 2 helps K-5 students think, write and comprehend!

Projects on knowledge management & visualization, tools.
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