Planning Tools


Module Maker
Show you how to build your own Online Research Modules that will challenge your 
students to make up their own minds.

Lesson Plan Templates
Templates for daily and weekly lesson plans.

Six Thinking Hats
Six Thinking Hats is an important and powerful technique. It is used to look at decisions 
from a number of important perspectives.

Multiple Intelligences
Ideas for integrating curricula using Multiple Intelligences.

Bloom's Taxonomy Construction Wheel
Use this wheel to help plan your lessons and units of work.

Beyond Bloom
This site considers how Bloom's Taxonomy applies to the planning of lessons.

Formulating Questions for Higher-Level Thinking
Tool for developing questions using Bloom’s taxonomy.

Guru Planner
Guru Planner is the only digital planner solution designed specifically for primary school teachers. 
It includes a work program, student records, various assessment modules, notes, calendar, 
PD attended, timetables, term planners and much more.

Rubrics for Web Lessons
The Rubric is an authentic assessment tool which is particularly useful in assessing criteria 
which are complex and subjective.

Collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, 
and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track.

Create and assign quizzes online with this free tool.

RubiStar is a tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics but does not have the time to 
develop them from scratch.

Steps and The Lesson Architect
Learn to create standards-based lesson plans.

The Teacher Toolkit
Create and present your lessons online with this tool. Subscription required.

Create A Web Page
Registered teachers can create a personalized Basic or Deluxe web page in just a few steps.

Rubric Makers
Collection of rubric generators to assist in planning.

Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, 
gathering good Internet links, and turning them into learning activities.

Teaching Tools
Create and store lesson plans and worksheets in an online account.

This free tool is designed to enhance teacher and student communication through an on-line 
teacher-managed calendar.

Project-Based Learning Framework
Framework for designing project-based learning activities.

Graphic Organizer Makers
The generators below will allow you to make graphic organizers by filling out a simple form.

Create multimedia presentations in minutes using images, sounds & movies provided by SURWEB 
or other digital sources.

Online graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you might need an impressive logo without 
a lot of work.  


EdNA Online
Search theme pages to find related lesson plans.

Softweb Idea Bank
Searchable database of lesson plans.

Adopt, Adapt, Share
All Adopt, Adapt, Share units assist teachers to plan and program their students' learning using the 
Curriculum Statements and profiles.

MI and Bloom Units
Multiple Intelligence and Blooms Taxonomy Learning Grids created by practising classroom 
teachers in our CAP Schools across NSW.

CAP Lesson Plans
Lesson plans, units of work and resources to assist teachers in their classrooms.

Cap Research Modules
These modules aim to provide an easy access to Internet research for students and teachers.

The Educator\'s Reference Desk
2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses.

Blue Web\'N
Database of lesson plan

Lessons that can be searched by subject, theme, grade, media, and completion time.

Early Childhood Thematic Units
Units of work that incorporate technology throughout the curriculum.

Gateway to Educational materials found on various non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

MarcoPolo Education
Access lesson plans, student activities, reviewed Web sites and other MarcoPolo resources.

Professional Development

EdNA: ICT Leading Practice
Collection of links to ICT integration models, support and examples.

The Learning Place: Lists of Communities
List of Learning Communities created to support professional development in Queensland.

EdNA: Teacher Professional Associations
Links to Australian Teacher Professional Associations.

Quality Teaching Program
This site is an information exchange for the Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme, 
particularly best practice in teacher professional development.

Softweb: Professional Development
Links to professional development opportunity in Victoria.

Teacher Personal Development Models
Links to different approaches to teacher personal development.

What Works: The Work Program
Professional action materials for improving outcomes for Indigenous students.

SA Professional Development Pathways
Access a range of quality professional development modules for education professionals, 
prepared by colleagues in partnership across our education community.

NSW: New Teacher Development
NSW resource site for support of beginning teachers.

Professional Learning for Teachers Program
Opportunities for Tasmanian classroom practitioners to further develop and refine their knowledge and 

TAS Professional Learning Links
The Professional Learning site is designed to support teachers and leaders in Tasmania.

Technology 2000 WA
Western Australian Learning Technology Projects for professional development.

Quality Teaching Program: ACT
Opportunities for ongoing and targeted professional development to meet school and individual needs 
in the ACT.

Assessment for Learning
Professional development for teachers in regard to assessment for learning, also known as formative 

Professional Development: Learning From the Best
A toolkit for schools to assist in teacher professional development.

Learning with Technology
Download this program to assist your school to develop, implement, and evaluate a technology plan.

Leadership and Learning with Technology
Modules that support educators in their journey toward effective technology integration.

Teacher Professional Development Links
Extensive list of links to sites and articles related to professional development.

Teacher Education Materials Project
This site was developed to support professional development providers as they design and implement 
programs for pre-service and in-service K - 12 mathematics and science teachers. 

From Now On
Collection of articles on ICT integration and an online Educational Technology journal.
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Feb.  - May  2005