Certificates and Certificate Makers
for Teachers

Your complete guide for Free Online Certificates, Diplomas and Awards.

Certificates for teachers - this site has lots of sites listed ......... excellent!

Mostly "pay" but some free.

Quite nice award maker but has "Jan Brett" on the bottom of each one.

Love this site..... has great things including excellent certificates.
NB. Zip file - not suitable for Macs!

Some quite good certificates listed for various awards at Teachnet.

Some really lovely certificates here at Brainy Bettys.
NB. Zip file - not suitable for Macs!

Lakeshore Learning have a few awards. Use their award maker for colourful awards.

Magical Kingdom have some good stuff. Worth a look. Probably one of the better ones for being able to personalise your award.

One of my favourite sites is DLTK. Also has an excellent award maker to make custom awards.

Education World has some good templates.

An USA school district site. A wonderful list of certificates here. Both horizontal and vertical. You can choose just borders. Also has some excellent buttons. An education [edu] site worth of attention!.

A few awards available at Night.net

Lots of colourful and interesting awards at Kidbibs. Lots of choices!  

Very Easy award maker from one of my favourite sites; Alfy

Enchanted Learning or Zoom School, has some certificates to print. Some are in colour.

A site called "Notes of Praise" has a few certificates. Positive comments!

Good list of awards here Student award certificates. May not work at school!

Microsoft has some awards and certificates

Teach_nology site - online certificate maker. Easy to make.

Pac bell site

Lots of Links - Certificates for Teachers site

Sites for Teachers has some certificates - a good selection.

An excellent selection at this perhaps NZ site.  Well worth a look! in2edu

Preschool printables has a nice if small selection
Preschoolprintables  for awards

Nice site from Canada called Youthonline. Quite a few certificates.

ABCTEACH is one of my favourite sites - always has the good gear.

Award Makers - there are lots, but this one looks nice. It is lakeshorelearning.com
For more, go to the site called Certificates for Teachers

Free worksheets and awards. Lots and lots of links. Great site!

            Great sites to research



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