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Maths Sites

Themes for Aussie Schools - EDNA
Books For Kids - online
Classroom clipart
The Artist's Toolkit
Look Cover Write Check Online
Aussie Bites Book Raps
Ed Helper for themes, worksheets

Theme on Farm Animals

 Spelling scrambles - alphabetical order, scrambled sentences, spelling practice

Merriam Webster

Little Explorers Dictionary

Encyclopaedia Britannica
Do you know the meaning of your name? Find it here.
 Some practise at the basics

Times Table practise
Activities with and about number

Lots of different things to help you

Lots of links,1544,1-Numbers,00.shtm

Maths facts
Maths .... space

Polygon Creator



Online geometry activities

A really interesting puzzle on a view from a train

Similar idea to the one above but with a taxi
Counting activities for younger kids lots of activities for younger kids.

The ever reliable BBC site

Lots of activities related to number,1544,1-Numbers,00.shtm

Want to make graphs? This site lets you make online graphs - area, bar, line, pie graphs
The site also explores probability,  a question / answer test.
A maths dictionary for kids -
Some general sites - lots of things to see and do

"Aplus" includes a teacher resource section with work sheets

Wonderful activities - a must see.

A fantastic list of brilliant ideas in geometry
All about different shapes what is a triangle or octagon etc.
Another maths site full of activities to do
Again maths sites with lots to do
Quite a bit for younger kids too.
A site designed for maths enrichment. Try it.
You also should check the links on the side!
The first chess game I've found on the net!
An exciting find ... lots here but mainly for older kids
Maths topics .... listed and "clickable".,1544,1-Numbers,00.shtm
Maths challenges
An Australian resource "sofweb" with a great list of activities
Want online activities with question the children need to answer online? Here it is ....
Just the basics from R - 8 & R - 10
Some interesting activities - site activities are good for older student but site hard to read

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