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Grades K-2: Science
Weather Safety Tips
Do your students know how to prepare for bad weather? Have them brainstorm some common sense tips with this fun activity.
Common-Sense Weather Rules

Grades K-3: Science
The Color of Weather
Have your child color weather-related pictures and learn more about rain, wind, and storms.
BILLY AND MARIA: Weather Coloring Book

Grades 18: Science
Test students' knowledge about weather.
Weather (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather (grades 35) (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (grades 35) (PDF file)
Extreme Weather Challenge (grades 68) (PDF file)
Extreme Weather Challenge Answer Key (grades 68) (PDF file)

Grades 18: Science/Language Arts
Word Finds
Have students find words related to weather hidden in a puzzle.
Weather (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather (grades 35) (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (grades 35) (PDF file)
Weather (grades 68) (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (grades 68) (PDF file)

Grades 18: Science/Language Arts
Word Scrambles
Can your students unscramble these weather words?
Weather Word Scramble (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 12) (PDF file)
Weather Word Scramble (grades 35) (PDF file)
Weather Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 35) (PDF file)
Weather Word Scramble (grades 68) (PDF file)
Weather Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 68) (PDF file)

Grades 2-4: Science/Mathematics
Weather for a Week
Turn your students into weather observers for a week. Have them track and record your local weather.
Tracking Local Weather

Grades 2-4: Science
Who Has Seen the Wind?
Wind is one of the most powerful forces affecting weather, and therefore our daily lives. Have your students observe wind and see what they can learn about this invisible force.
Wind Observation
Wind Direction

Grades 1-5: Science
Be Prepared!
Quick! There's a hurricane warning. Does your child know what might cause a problem in the front yard?
Hurricane House

Grades 2-8: Science/Mathematics
Hear Thunder? Do Math.
Have your child learn the simple math it takes to determine how close a thunderstorm is. Then have your child take a quick quiz on lightning safety.
Web Weather for Kids Hearing Thunder

Grades 2-8: Science/Mathematics
All In the Angle
The angle at which sunlight hits the earth helps to determine seasons and eventually the weather. Have your child experiment with flashlights, watercolors, or popcorn to understand this concept.
Lesson: Direct and Diffuse Light

Grades 3-8: Science
Round and Round It Goes
Powerful winds spin warm water around and around to create a hurricane. Help kids understand the spiral effect of a hurricane.
Make a Hurricane Spiral

Grades 2-8: Science
Hurricane Hunter Plane
Scientists need more than just satellite pictures to understand a hurricane. That's why they send hurricane hunter planes right into these storms. Have your child build a model plane using simple materials.
Flying into a Hurricane

Grades 4-6: Science/Social Studies
You Are Your Weather
How does weather affect the place you live and your daily life? In this activity, your students will investigate the weather in your state from the point of view of a visitor and draw pictures illustrating its effects.
Weather Pictures

Grades 4-8: Science
Action Kids
Help your child become a FEMA Disaster Action Kid by learning what to do in an emergency. Have your child earn a certificate by completing the activities and filling in a form.

Grades 4-8: Science
A Change in the Pressure
Weather and air pressure are related. Have your child make observations of this concept.
It's a Breeze How Atmospheric Pressure Effects the Weather

Grades 4-8: Science
"Pop" Quiz
What happens when a hot air balloon rises to 10,000 meters? Have your child make observations and learn the answer.
It's a Breeze Ride a Weather Balloon

Grades 4-8: Science
Rain, Rain, Come My Way
Water, ice, and food coloring are all that are needed for your child to create perfect rain conditions.
Activity #1: Make convection currents
Activity #2: Make it rain!

Grades 4-8: Science
Pressure Measure
Have your child build a basic barometer using chewing gum and a few other simple supplies. You can substitute the plastic tubing with a sturdy plastic straw.
Make Your Own Barometer

Grades 4-8: Science
Weather Report
One good way to understand weather is to watch it, and then record it. Have students keep a weather journal. Basic information should include the date, time, temperature, sky conditions, wind direction, and any type of precipitation. After a few weeks, have students record any patterns they have observed.
Weather Calendar 2002:

Grades 7-8: Science
The weather is mighty bad in Tornado Alley. Residents need all the weather spotters they can get. Have your students play the role of storm chaser by identifying weather conditions and reporting back to headquarters.
Weather -- Storm Chaser

Grades 7-8: Science/Mathematics
Number Conversions
If it's 75 degrees Fahrenheit, what is the temperature in Celsius degrees? Have your students compute the answer. Your students can also convert wind-chill factors, relative humidity, and the heat index.
NWS Meterological Calculator

Grades 78: Science/Language Arts
Crossword Puzzle
Have students test their knowledge of weather.
Weather (PDF file)
Weather Answer Key (PDF file)


Internet Resources

USA TODAY. Weather Index
This Web site provides detailed information on how and why weather works. You will also find forecasts here.

Dan's WILD Weather Page
Alabama Meteorologist Dan Satterfield explains why tornadoes happen, how forecasting works, and much more on this site devoted to dramatic weather.

NWS Winter Weather Safety and Awareness
This is the official site for the National Weather Service. Here is an inclusive source of information on everything related to winter weather. Included is information on the new wind-chill factor index and a list of billion-dollar storms.

Weather Watchers
Learn about weather around the world with pictures, lessons, and links to other weather sites. The Instructional Technology Development Consortium in San Bernardino County, California provides these pages.

FEMA for KIDS: Herman's Beach Search and Help Page
This site includes stories and activities to help prevent or prepare for natural disasters. Also included is information on what causes disasters.

Department of Atmospheric Sciences
This site contains an electronic textbook of multimedia instructional modules designed around different topics in meteorology, such as pressure, wind, and clouds. It also features pointers to up-to-date climate data, satellite images, surface maps, and more. This useful resource is provided by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

UM Weather
WeatherNet is a collection of links to weather data, graphics, movies, shareware, live camera views, and more. Also included is a link to a collection of K-12 earth science classroom activities and projects. Both of these services are hosted by the University of Michigan Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences.

Intellicastcom - Weather For Active Lives
Intellicast provides sources of current weather information, images, and forecasts on the World Wide Web. The service, created by WSI Corporation, covers national and international weather as well as the weather in several major U.S. cities. Much of the information is updated daily.

STORM Homepage
This is the homepage of Warren Faidley, the famed storm-chasing journalist, photographer, and cinematographer. Here are his stories and some of his photographs.

Free Weather Stuff
This is a short list of organizations that provide free weather related teaching materials.