Grades K3: Art
Travel and Camping Colouring Pages
Have your children colour a travel or camping picture and make up a story to go with it.
Wic-kid Colouring Book Pages: Packing

Wic-kid Colouring Book Pages: Airport

Camping Out

Grades K4
Camping Food
These recipes are great for camping or for special treats at home.
Fun For Kids: Just For Kids Recipes

Grades K5: Science
What Bugs You?
Most camping trips involve meeting up with some of nature's pesky bugs and insects. They have many names. Have children learn more about insects by colouring pictures of them. Then on a camping trip, see how many insects children can identify.
Insect Colouring Book -

Grades K8: Language Arts
I Saw It First!
Stuck on a plane for hours? How can you entertain the kids? One way is to have an airplane scavenger hunt. Each person looks for specific items on the plane. For everyone they find, they get a small treat. Or you can play using points. 

Grades 12: Language Arts
Long car trips require something fun for kids to do, and Auto Bingo is just the game. Mark off the kinds of cars you see on the road, and the first person with a "Bingo" match wins!
Another AUTO Game for the car

Grades 14: Art
Frame It
With materials found at most campsites, kids can make a simple, rustic picture frame from twigs. After kids return home from vacation and pictures are developed, they can complete the frame by adding a favourite picture.
Twig Frame Craft - Enchanted Learning Software

Grades 16: Language Arts
Car Bingo
Time will go more quickly on long distance car trips with a good game of car bingo. Before you go, print out these cards. Then have children keep track of objects as you travel. The first child who can connect three boxes in a straight line wins.
(1 of 4) Car Bingo,1155,10362,00.html

(2 of 4) Car Bingo,1155,10365,00.html

(3 of 4) Car Bingo,1155,10368,00.html

(4 of 4) Car Bingo,1155,10371,00.html

Grades 18: Language Arts
Word Scrambles
Can your students unscramble these fun travel words?
Travel Word Scramble (grades 12) (PDF file)

Travel Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 12) (PDF file)

Travel Word Scramble (grades 35) (PDF file)

Travel Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 35) (PDF file)

Travel Word Scramble (grades 68) (PDF file)

Travel Word Scramble Answer Key (grades 68) (PDF file)

Grades 24: Language Arts
Camping Safety Poster
Go over these safety tips with your children. Then have them choose one tip and design a safety poster.
Fun For Kids: Ways To Be Safe

Grades 24
Travel Tic Tac Toe
Before your next long car trip, have your children make a car-safe tic-tac-toe board.
A Travel Game for the Car

Grades 26: Social Studies
Landmark Stamps
Stamps often feature historic or scenic places. Have your students design a stamp showing a landmark they have visited recently or one they would like to visit.
Large Stamp Outline (PDF file)

Small Stamp Outlines (PDF file)

Grades 28: Language Arts
Word Finds
Have students find words related to camping or travel hidden in a puzzle.
Camping (grades 23) (PDF file)

Camping Answer Key (grades 23) (PDF file)

Camping (grades 48) (PDF file)

Camping Answer Key (grades 48) (PDF file)

Travel (grades 23) (PDF file)

Travel Answer Key (grades 23) (PDF file)

Travel (grades 48) (PDF file)

Travel Answer Key (grades 48) (PDF file)

Grades 36: Social Studies
Map It
In this activity kids map the route and highlights of a trip. They then trace the routes on a map, identify and locate tourist attractions, and explore their state.
Plan a Vacation

Grades 38: Language Arts
Letter from Camp
Children can write to their friends back home about their camping trip. Have children use special camping stationery for their letters.
Camping Stationery (PDF file)

Grades 38: Language Arts
Travel Poet
Have kids take words found on billboard ads and write simple poems.
Family Fun: Billboard Poetry

Grades 38: Language Arts
My Travel Adventure: The Movie
Trips are full of memorable experiences, some funny, some scary, some exciting. Have students create a movie scene of an experience from a recent trip.
Filmstrip (PDF file)

Grades 38: Mathematics/Social Studies
Test students' knowledge about travel.
Travelling by the Numbers (grades 35) (PDF file)

Travelling by the Numbers Answer Key (grades 35) (PDF file)

Travel Talk (grades 68) (PDF file)

Travel Talk Answer Key (grades 68) (PDF file)

Grades 38: Language Arts
Travel Wacky Web Tales
Students can create wacky stories about camping and travel by filling in the blanks with parts of speech.
The Camping Trip

Road Trip!

Grades 48: Science
Flag Talk
Before the development of telephones and two-way radios, the semaphore code was used to communicate over long distances. Sailors relied upon the semaphore code (and the Morse code) to pass information between ships at sea. Semaphore requires two flags. Have students create a message and convert it to semaphore or try to read already created semaphores.
Text to Semaphore Conversion

Grades 48: Science
Dots and Dashes
How can a camper get a message to the next tent without using a cell phone? With dots and dashes. Create a message and convert it to Morse code.
Morse Code Translator

Grades 58: Science
Be Prepared!
One way to be prepared for camping is to know how to make different kinds of knots. Practice the half hitch, overhand, square knot, and more.

Grades 68: Social Studies
States of Nature
Can your students find their way to some of the United States' most beautiful places? Challenge them with this National Parks match-up.
National Parks Match up (PDF file)

National Parks Match up Answer Key (PDF file)

Grades 68: Social Studies
Where Is That?
Do your students know where to find these historic places? See if they can match these National Historic Sites, Monuments, and Memorials to the states where they are located.
National Historic Sites and Monuments Match up (PDF file)

National Historic Sites and Monuments Match up Answer Key (PDF file)
Internet Resources

MapQuest: Home
MapQuest believes that "everyone needs a little direction in life." Toward that end they provide users with interactive maps and driving directions. Their site also offers commercial information, traffic reports, and local points of interest.

National Park Service - Experience Your America
National Parks make great destinations for day trips and for extended journeys. Here you will find a list of all the country's National Parks, Monuments, Memorials, and Historic Sites.

Family Fun: Travel
This Disney site provides articles on places to go and tips on packing and travel.

The Otto Club
The American Automobile Association has tips on how to travel safely.

Travel for Kids: Travel Essentials
Parents travelling  abroad with children will find plenty of advice here, on everything from dysentery to choosing the right stuffed animal to take along.

Activities For Kids - Car Games
Here are ideas for long car trips, starting with what to pack and including games for the car.

Sesame Workshop - Muppet Car Games
Younger children will enjoy these ideas for passing the time on a long car trip.,4117,14975,00.html

Planning a Class Camping Trip
Teachers, camp counsellors, and others planning group camping trips for kids will find some advice here.

GORP Family
GORP provides suggestions on where to take kids for outdoor adventures and how the whole family can enjoy them safely.
The American Experience | Way Back - Summer Vacation
PBS takes a look at how families enjoyed summer vacations in the past.

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