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2006 FIFA World Cup
Get the news, info, and more from the official site of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Soccer Spot
On the web, you can find plenty of information about soccer and the World Cup. Use these resources to learn more about the game and also to follow the action.

Socceroos 2006
Official site for the Australian Socceroos team for the

World Cup Maths Games
Online number games related to Soccer.

History of The World Cup
Read news headlines from the World Cup through history.

World Cup Chart
This Clicker Grid Set enables pupils to track the progress of countries playing in the 2006 World Cup football games.

Spotlight on Skills: Soccer
Information about the strengths and weaknesses of different 11 a-side soccer formations as well as articles about the history of the World Cup.

British Council: World Cup
Because of the World Cup in Germany we will be concentrating mainly on football until July 2006. All of our articles are accompanied by language learning activities for you to practise your English.

Lesson Plans

US Youth Soccer Coaches Connection Lesson Plans 
Archive of Soccer Skill Lesson Plans.

World Cup Maths Ideas
Collection of Maths ideas for a unit of work on the World Cup.

Sporting Fever: World Cup Project
Collection of lesson ideas for the World Cup.

Football – 2006 World Cup
Series of lesson plans related to the World Cup.

Naace Primary: World Cup 2006
Mix of online games and lesson ideas related to the 2006 World Cup.

Making The Most of The World Cup
Collection of resources and lessons plans related to the 2006 World Cup.

Themes - 2006 FIFA World Cup
A range of resources for potential use with the FIFA World Cup.

Northwood Primary: World Cup
Online activities for the World Cup.

The Geography of World Cup Soccer
Series of lessons that use World Cup Soccer to teach geographic information.

Bring On The World
Bring on the World explores the context of the World Cup, from the countries taking part in the competition to the trade issues behind the sporting glamour.

World-Class Competition
In this lesson, students investigate the demographics and team history of some of the countries participating in the World Cup soccer tournament.

Hunt for World Cup Soccer
An Internet Treasure Hunt on World Cup Soccer.

An Ode to Soccer
An Internet Treasure Hunt on Soccer.

Hunt for FIFA 2006
Use these links to answer questions about the World Cup.

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Soccer World Cup Teaching Ideas - Wayne

Look This Up

In which country is the Soccer World Cup being held?

Show this on a map.
Find the flags of two of the countries in the finals.

Make a picture of the soccer players playing their match.
Include the flags of the countries playing.
Show the crowd watching the match in the stands. They will be in their team colours. Find out what those colours are and use them to show the crowd.

Soccer Games -
Develop a class match where the children with a partner compete for a “prize”.
Some possible sites are
Soccer Pong

Java Applet

Slime Soccer

Funbrain Soccer

Soccer Shootout

Soccer Shootout






World Cup Maths Lessons - variety of grade levels


Some great activities for younger children from an educational site.


BBC - choose
Fast Game from BBC


Lots of activities listed


Soccer Games  Older - Kids


BBC Games


Classroom Resources - Wayne

Outstanding Resource


Lots of different resources
See links for excellent resources


Another excellent British site


Geography Based Resources


Another fantastic resource for middle and upper primary - printable and PowerPoints
Geography based.  World Cup is number 21


Great list of links - from their newsletter


A week of activities for 9 - 11 year olds


Google search


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