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Australian Special Days - including Terms and Dates Harmony Day Duffy Library WA.
School Term Dates in SA Calendars
UniSA Celebrations alphabetical list - no links.
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Jan. 1 New Year's Day New Year Site


Summer Holidays January 1, 1901, Australia celebrates Federation

Jan. 16 1909
Mawson, David and Mackay reach Magnetic South Pole. Mawson Antarctica    
Jan 21, 1944
Australia-New Zealand (Anzac) Pact established.
Jan. 26 Australia Day
My Site Australia Day Activity Village
Australia Day
Web Tech
Huge list of sites
Word Find
Word Find
Puzzles Virtual Teacher
Excellent links
Can you draw his other side?
WordFind Yahoo
Yahoo links
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Create your own Crossword here
School Starts  Some activities.
Back to school and All About Me theme for younger grades.
All About You - A Scavenger Hunt Yr 3/4
All About Me - a theme

New Friends
First School Day 
  Icebreakers    First Day Ideas

Chinese New Year         
My Page

  • When is the Chinese New Year's Day in Year 2006?
    January 29, 2006 is the first day of the new year.
    China Diary – 4703 Is Upon Us.
    4703 should be a great year for China. According to the Chinese calendar, the new year will start on January 29 and on the Chinese calendar it will be the year 4703. It may also be known as the Year of the Dog, bingxu or the 7th year in the 60 year cycle. New Year’s Day last year was February 9th and the year before in was January 22nd and included a Leap Month instead of the western Leap Year day. There are beautiful lights on all the large buildings in Guangzhou. The Christmas Trees and 15 metre high inflatable Santas have been stashed away and quickly replaced with New Year decorations. Typical is the Chun Lian which is a type of colourful calligraphy, written in the form of a couplet, which contains some kind of message of hope for the new year such as:

    Whole Earth Returns Spring
    Winter gone mountain clear water sparkles
    Spring comes bird sings flower fragrant

    Red seems to be the lucky colour and everywhere there are the Chinese version of a Christmas tree, a small mandarin tree, laden with fruit. Soon the dragons will also come out. The Chinese consider that they are decedents of the dragon and that dragons bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The whole country shuts down for a week and I have been warned about the consequences of 1 billion people all trying to get home to visit their relatives (not to mention the millions of Chinese who live in other countries and want to return home for the celebration). I doubt that the warning can prepare you for something like this. So I am going to sit tight and watch the show unfold.

    What is the Chinese New Year called?  The Year of the ........ ?
  •   Chinese New Year Customs
    The date of Chinese New Year varies because the Chinese use a different calendar to the Westerners. The Western calendar is based on the movement of the earth around the sun while the Chinese calendar is based on the movement of the moon around the sun. The Chinese calendar only has 354 days in the year, but still has 12 months. Chinese New Year usually lies between January 21 to February 19 on the Western calendar.
    Chinese Language
    "Get your own Chinese name, like mine below, based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac! Simply type in your first and last name, select what kind of characteristics you want to be expressed in the name, select your gender, enter your birth date and press "Get a Name!"" here.
    Link is from here.
    Winter Olympics
    Opening date: 10 February 2006
    Closing date: 26 February 2006
    Country of the host city: Italy (ITA)
    Official Site
    My Winter Olympics Page
    Feb. 14 Valentine's Day        Use the clickable pictures to go to activities.

    Gander Academy.
    Great Site!


    Billy Bear's Site

    DLTK Site


    Enchanted Learning

      Easy level.

    Valentine's Day Activities / Lessons

    Classroom Activities Geocities

    Vocabulary activities


    A huge list of links Virtualquincy Themeunits
    Learn about the heart
    Maze maker Hereandabove

    Kaboose  Resources.kaboose

    Lots of activities for younger children Holidays

    A to Z of Teachers Stuff

    Valentine's Sheet
    Feb 17
    Sydney: Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson, poet & journalist has his birthday.
    Feb 22
    Darwin: Australian airman Bert Hinkler completes first solo flight from England to Australia.
    Feb. 28
    Pancake Day - About - from the Uniting Church
    Pancake Day is held annually on Shrove Tuesday - Wikipedia entry and explanation.
    In 2006 Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 28 February.

    Some lessons/activities from America - Lessonplanspage
    Pancakes are usually made by mixing flour, eggs, milk and a bit of salt. Loads of recipes from the always reliable
    BBC. Some really fancy. Also, has heaps of recipes
    and an activity sheet


    Autumn        USA Based
    Autumn - a resource for year 2 [Made 1999] from
    Leaf activities for younger kids  Lots of ideas.
    Teacher Planet Heaps of links.
    Teaching Heart - lots of nice activities
    For younger grades
    Autumn - UK Based
    My Autumn theme
    Commonwealth Games
    Commonwealth Games - my page from
    March 15 - 26
    Saint Patrick's Day

    Help kids celebrate the holiday with green jelly, fluff, green punch, green shamrock pie, green slime, Irish mud pie, or leprechaun cookies. Also, kids craft activities, printouts and games.
    Homeschoolzone           Amazingmoms Fvsd
    Childfun           Kidsturncentral
    Netnanny           Fastq Activityvillageuk
    Kinderart           Ireland History of St. Patrick's Day
    Bobsedulinks           Webtech at Kennesaw { University } Akidsheart
    Kids creativity-portal           Kidsdomain Theteachersguide
    Atozteacherstuff           Enchanted learning Dltk-holidays

    Games too.
              Billybear4kids Vickiblackwell
    k2printables           Tooter4kids Teach-nology
    Kidsturncentral           Education-world First-school
    Apples4theteacher           National Geographic
              Wild and Wacky Story

    Thematic Units

    March 21   Harmony Day - Classroom activities  R - 7+

    *Pictures from Thekidzpage
    April Fools Day     April 1st          
    Anzac Day  April 25th   1 - Articles Tasmania Educ.    Duffy Library - Anzac Day Yahoo! -Oz holidays  
    Sir Charles Kingsford -Smith
    Easter  Various Dates.  2006 Dates are April 14 - 17th
    Hewlett Packard
    Decorations, Art, Masks, Parades.
    Games Masks  
    My Easter Activities    1 Art/Puzzles                          2  Lang/ Puzzles

                             2    2005

    3 Craft Ideas 3  Masks     

    My Easter Pages

       1     2006
    3     2004
    2006 - Earth Day - April 22
    Climate Solutions Campaign - Jackie Miers
    Climate change
    Earth Day Org 2006
    Mother's Day
    On 15 May 1928, the Aerial Medical Service was established as a one year experiment at Cloncurry in Queensland. Later became The Royal Flying Doctor Service
    Winter Theme Page Very Comprehensive! Printed Sheet
    Clouds Weather Activities
    Winter from Enchanted Learning Ed Helper Winter theme
    Winter fro Teach-nology Scholastic Winter Fun Pages K - 3 and 3 - 8
    A wintry week K-2
    ABC Teach Free Pages and Here too For Younger Children
    Teaching Heart - Winter Teacher Vision Theme
    Ed Tech Kennesaw - a favourite of mine - Seasons DLTK - crafts, colouring pages
    Winter Themed Maths Pages Various Grades Colouring Pages from "Coloring ws" - Winter Theme - Another Favourite
    AtoZTeacher has some free lesson plan ideas My School Online     Links1     Links2     Links3
    K - 3 Winter Pages Excellent Resource at Teacher Planet for Winter and another called Snow and Ice for those interested
    World Environment Day   June 5
    Deserts   And   Desertification  The theme for World Environment Day 2006 is Deserts and Desertification; the slogan for World Environment Day this year is Don’t Desert Drylands.
    Jackie Miers
    My Environment Pages     Saving Planet Earth     Wet and Dry Environments     Endangered Animals    
    Natural Disasters     Clouds      Pollution     Rainforests     Water
    Nature's Recyclers Tiny Talk Weather Endangered Species Air Pollution A to Z Workbook Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Colouring Book


    Soccer - World Cup    

    Look This Up                                                                

    In which country is the Soccer World Cup being held?               
    Show this on a map.
    Find the flags of two of the countries in the finals.

    Make a picture of soccer players playing their match.
    Include the flags of the countries playing.
    Show the crowd watching the match in the stands. They will be in their team colours. Find out what those colours are and use them to show the crowd.

    Soccer Games
    Develop a class match where the children with a partner compete for a “prize”.
    Some possible sites are
    Soccer Pong

    Java Applet

    Slime Soccer

    Funbrain Soccer

    Soccer Shootout






    NAIDOC Week 2006: Respect the Past – Believe in the Future
    Book Week
    Children's Book Week 2006
    Theme: Book Now!   Date: 19th - 25th August
    2006 Book Week poster by Alison Lester
    CBCA LogoChildren's Book Council of Australia
    Lists of "Books of the Year" for the various categories.
    Quick Links from
    Comprehensive list of "Authors and Illustrators" and their birthdays with some information about them.
    About the Short-listed Authors and Illustrators here.
    Book Now - link to my themes on Adventure Park
    See "Post Cards"
    Edna - lots of links to sites to help Teachers with Book Week 2006
    ALIA - A fantastic list of activities for Book Week - at various levels- and with each of the books>
    This site, created by Ann Smith, the Teacher Librarian at St.Peter Chanel Primary School, Regents Park in Sydney, Australia, gives some ideas for activities.
    An excellent list of activities

    Book awards activities | Book week links | Book of the Year: Younger Readers | Book of the Year: Early Childhood | Picture Book of the Year | Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

    A number are in the excellent PDF format.
    Holiday Graphics