This site is particularly good for the students. It includes activity sheets and word games related to Antarctic animals. It is a good site for future units as it includes other topics. The instructions are easy to follow and the site is colourful and interesting.

This site is very good. It includes easy to follow indexes and headings.
The information is clearly ordered and each animal listed includes a picture and information relating to it. I found this was easily the best site as it is easy for the students to use and also very interesting.
However, to use these activities you need to have Acrobat Reader to be able to see them.

This site includes beautiful pictures and loads of information about the different wildlife. However, it may be too wordy and detailed for the students but you may find some useful information to use yourself.

This is actually the Antarctic Division web site so it is very factual and reliable. You need to have Acrobat reader to access the information. It describes the food chain in Antarctica in a visually interesting format.

However, it in slightly complicated to access so the students may need some help with this. This site also includes a teacherís guide with some useful ideas for activities and relevant research material.
5. Here are some websites that may allow children to explore some of the things scientists are doing or have done in the Antarctica. Includes Webquests.

Lots Of Links To All Kind Of Information

7. Some Activities

8. Some Theme Topics On Antarctica

Lots Of Material On Penguins



9. A huge List of resources 
10. Some Activities



- different sites

Antarctica - the wonderful Zoom School
[Enchanted Learning]

Virtual Tour

CIA Factbook

Classroom Antarctica -  - lesson plans


In the Steps of Mawson - Click enter and begin! Wow!


Australian Antarctic Division - All sorts of information - Wildlife, Webcams, current weather conditions, history.......


Classroom Antarctica


Activities for children  and

Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole - Great Site!

Blue Ice - An Antarctica virtual field trip for yr 4 - 8


Terraquest - Learn about travel in Antarctica, read up on ecological issues, explore the environments and wildlife, and relive Antarctica's dramatic past.


Maps of Antarctica - Wonderful maps to view, print and interact with.


Virtual Antarctica - A rather interesting site straight from Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica - Research Area for Reports


The North Pole by Robert E. Peary, 1909 - So who was the first person to the North Pole?

Shackleton's voyage


Antarctica on the Australian ABC


Some Ideas For an Antarctic Theme.

Cinquain poems about penguins

Make salt dough Antarctic creatures - seals, whales, penguins (Painted at a later date)

Make penguin pencil holders out of old tin, black and white card.

Paint life size penguins Gentoo /Adelie / Emperor/ Chinstrap

Draw prawns ( impersonating krill) from real life frozen examples- phew!

Play simple board game (4 players Amundsen ; Scott; Mawson and Shackleton) simulating a race to the South Pole, first to correctly answer 10 or so questions wins. Card sets photocopied with answers on back.

Make simple weather instruments (easiest ones to make?)or a pinwheel as a model wind turbine???

Draw Antarctic food chains. (or cut and paste activity) We have the Who's Eating Who brochures from the A.A.D.

Build a graph of penguin species numbers in Antarctica using MAB blocks (1000s and 100s)

Use clay and salt dough to make a cross section of Antarctica {Showing underlying land mass and  ice } following a simplified diagram.

Using globe and Longitude and Latitude coordinates to locate places all over the world- say 10 famous capitals and their distance from Antarctica.

Treasure Hunt on the animals of Antarctica


A fairly extensive collection of bibs and bobs located at , designed for just such occasions.  For example, you will find a simple and practical wind vane at
Edna Search
Using the search function of EDNA,  there were 65 "hits" on the topic "Antarctica"
Some Activities
World Atlas

Images and Information
Good information
Outstanding Resource by a teacher
About Antarctica  a bit harder.
Excellent site for teachers with worksheets k - 4
Arctic and Antarctic links

*Antarctica - by a Teacher [SueL]
Also has links to Sir Douglas Mawson

Tas Ed
Polar Regions - A Theme

Virtual Antarctic

The New South Polar Times
South Pole Picture Gallery - Great pictures, but some take a while to download on Dialup connections.

Ideas and detail together - for Teachers - great site.
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