Fun Sites for Younger Children

Angelina Ballerina -
A great website for little girls who like to dress up and pretend!

Daniel Cook
Great site with lots to do 

Pauly's Playhouse
Lots of activities here

Build a neighbourhood. Choices are : farm, house, building site, castle

Up to Ten
Lots of games

Fisher Price
Lots of games from the much loved Fisher Price company.

KidsPsych -
Games for Children 1-5 - Very animated and large enough for the young child to see.


Apple Corps - make different faces

Lots of fun stuff to do

Sesame Street games

Julia's Fun

Turtle Graphic Programming - great programming games
Year k - 2 Change variables to observe differences in spiral designs.
Tracing Borders - 5 To Do?
Lots Of Mazes To Do

May 2005


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Feb.  - May  2005